Top 10 Reasons to Experience a Tamarindo Costa Rica Surf Camp

Top 10 Reasons to Experience a Tamarindo Costa Rica Surf Camp

What are you looking for in your next vacation? Maybe you want to try a new experience, work on your health, meet new people, immerse yourself in nature, OR maybe you want it all! Discover what participating in a Tamarindo Costa Rica surf camp can do for you.

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

  1. Find Out What All the Buzz is About

Surfers are passionate about surfing. Here’s an example: Years ago a group of mates travelled from Australia to Costa Rica for a surf trip. They bought a van so they could drive all the way up the Pacific coast to California, USA. They saved some money by purchasing their van in the bordering country of Panama, which ended up getting held up at the border for months. They waited patiently, surfing every day, and finally got the chance to hit the road for their big surfing adventure, traveling through many countries and dealing with many difficult border crossings along the way. They were not deterred, however, and they would do it all over again, just to ensure they didn’t miss out on any of those “sick” waves. That is passion!

  1. Connect With People With Purpose

Chances are, if you’ve come to a Tamarindo surf camp in Costa Rica, you’re already pretty interested in surfing. And if you have that one thing already in common with others, chances are you will find more. When people come together at Iguana Surf with a common goal we often see them leave as lifelong friends. After all, it’s easy to stay in touch with people you meet around the globe these days, and nothing brings people together quite like having a common goal. Purpose drives us through adversity and builds camaraderie. This is why we made such good friends at summer camp as kids – surviving the mosquitos, bad food, and hard bunk beds together connected us on a deeper level. Don’t worry though, if you choose to stay at Iguana Surf Camp you won’t have those issues! Except for the mosquitos when you’re watching sunset at the beach. Bring mosquito spray.

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

  1. Enjoy the Surf Town Lifestyle

When you get to Tamarindo you will likely wonder “where have you been all my life?” If you’re looking for that surf town lifestyle, you’re going to love the vibe of Tamarindo (affectionately referred to as Tama by those who live there). You’ll soon discover a town of surfers getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the waves, happy hippies selling their homemade Kambucha in the local ferias (markets), plenty of yoga dens, organic foods and fresh juices, surf shops, and all the things you imagine when you picture a surf town. Why do people come here to surf? Well it’s among the best surf spots in Costa Rica for starts. Tama grew up from a few trailers and shacks built by hardcore surfers in the 70s. Before there were even roads to this beach, people have been surfing it. The town has grown up since then exponentially but it’s kept that free-spirit surfer vibe. More about what to expect in Costa Rica surf towns.

  1. Take Your Training and Surf Anywhere

It’s safe to say that once you’ve learned how to surf, you can take that knowledge and surf wherever you travel. Obviously you will need to keep in mind how much experience you have relative to the waves of the region, but once you have that valuable knowledge and experience it’s with you for life. Perhaps your next trip will be hitting the waves at Mancora, Peru or Kuta, Bali, or even the birthplace of surfing – Waikiki, Hawaii. Your Tamarindo Costa Rica surf camp experience will be with you for the rest of your life – and your future vacations! Additionally, you can check out the surf at nearby beaches such as Playa Grande or Avellanas, which are really close to Tamarindo.

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

  1. Knock It Off Your Bucket List

If you’ve had ‘learn to surf’ on your bucket list, you’ll be glad you chose a Tamarindo surf camp in Costa Rica to do your training. Costa Rica truly embraces their motto of Pura Vida, or Pure Life. It is an feeling like no other place found in the world. It’s not just about their general care for the environment around them, it is about acceptance of others, making mistakes, celebrating small victories, and all other aspects of what makes life, and learning, a nurturing and positive experience. In other words, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

  1. Increase Your Confidence

Most of us feel foolish when we’re trying something new, falling down, failing to perform, but that Pura Vida attitude prevails in Costa Rica. Bilingual guides at Iguana Surf Camp will build you up, encourage you to keep trying, and make it easy for you to laugh off your mistakes. They were all beginners once, too. Nothing increases ones confidence like learning a new skill, not to mention getting back up on that board when the waves knock you down. You will also gain confidence in your surfing abilities by getting expert advice. Your trainer will tell you when to paddle, when to stand up, and when to wait for the next wave, until you gain the experience to figure it out on your own.

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

  1. Get Fit

In addition to building muscle in your upper body and legs, surfing is the perfect core workout. It involves swimming, short and long bursts of exertion, squatting, and balance. It’s a blend of cardiovascular exercise and muscle training. It just takes one look at the regular surfers on the beach to see you’ve found the ultimate beach-body workout.

  1. Reduce Stress

Nothing reduces stress quite like a good workout. But spending time in nature is probably the next best thing. Surfing gives you the best of both worlds! Not to mention vitamin d and sea. Study after study has shown that a lack of vitamin d can affect our mental health. As for seawater, it is rich in minerals like magnesium. Chronic stress depletes our magnesium levels, while healthy, natural doses are shown to modulate our body’s stress-response system.

  1. Find Inner Peace (or at least a quiet moment)

Picture yourself sitting on your board with the sun shining down and the ocean all around, waiting for the next set of waves to come along. The sounds of the ocean lull you into a state of utter tranquility. Expect to have feelings of gratitude well up inside of you. This is where surfers find their center, and it sure beats sitting cross-legged on a mat!

  1. Connect With Nature

There are very few activities that can connect you to the ocean like surfing. There are no boat engines, no revving Sea-dos; just you, your board, and the big blue sea. You may find yourself sitting on your board watching schools of fish get caught up in a wave, or see huge manta rays floating below. The sound and motion of the waves will connect you to the living pulse of the ocean like nothing else can.

As you can see, the benefits of attending a Tamarindo surf camp in Costa Rica are vast. Contact Iguana Surf to book your next adventure and prepare to soak up the sun, sand, surf, and Pura Vida lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about!

Written by Jennifer LaCharite

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