Tamarindo Nightlife Guide

Tamarindo Nightlife Guide

If you have ever read anything about Tamarindo, you will know that this lively little town has a lot to offer. Travelers and Tico’s alike have a vast array of options when it comes to aquatic activities, dining, and night time entertainment. Tamarindo is truly a jack of all trades. There are multiple venues and vibes to check out and each night has some fun activity or theme that make for memorable nights that will never leave you.

After a day with a Tamarindo surf camp or lounging on the beach, where does one go to unwind and refresh with a crisp beverage?  There are so many options here that you may find yourself a little lost on where to go. No sweat though because we have prepared a list of top Tamarindo nightlife just for you! Get ready to sip on ice cold beer and dance the night away! We will split it up in a way that will allow you to have a full night out,  exploring multiple venues until the sun comes up.

First Sips:

Here are some bars that you can hit up a little earlier in the night or for sunset. The vibes are relaxed, the food is great, and the views are eye-catching. Make sure you capitalize on the happy hour specials to really make your money go far as well as sample the amazing and different flavors.

  • Jolly Rogers: Situated right across from the beach and attached to the very best Tamarindo surf camp, lies a local favorite. Jolly Rogers is a place where friends and surf campers meet after a day in the waves to sip on ice cold beers and eat flaming hot wings. The vibe and aromas of this friendly beach-view bar are intoxicating. At 5:15 PM every day the 1812 overture plays and the price of beers drop to just $1. This stellar deal is only in place for the duration of the song, so you better sip fast to get a bang for your buck. This bar is the perfect place to sip on some cool ones while the pastel colors emerge as the sun drops.
  • Ocho Bungalows: Probably the most comfortable way to experience the sunset, Ocho Bungalows is an adorable beach-front bar where you can choose from an array of aesthetically pleasing seating while you watch the sun melt into the sea. The 2-4-1 happy hour special will have your table teeming with a colorful assortment of cocktails. The pina coladads and mojitos are bursting with flavor and do not even get me started on the ceviche or chips with guacamole Although this bar is just a little on the pricier side of things, it’s location and layout will have you coming back.
  • Volcano Brewing: Another beach bar on the list is Volcano brewing. If you find yourself tiring of the taste of Pilsen or Imperial, then this place will give you the options that you need. The brewery is local, delicious, and their happy hour really allows you to get a bang for your buck. On top of all these reasons to visit, this is also another wonderful place to watch the sunset. They have tables that are directly on the sand so you can watch the sky turn into a symphony of colours while you sip away on crisp and refreshing beers.
  • Mercadito: Nestled in the middle of a delicious gourmet food court lies a gem of a bar. What looks like a beached sailboat is, in fact, a stylish bar serving up gorgeous cocktails. You will find everything from top-shelf cucumber gin and tonics to Aperol Spritz. Pair your drink with any of the phenomenal food that you can find at Mercadito and enjoy the open air vibrance that the area has to offer. Although there is no happy hour here, the drinks are pretty reasonably priced so you can sit and really take your time there.
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Warming Up:

These next venues are great places to go once the sun goes down. The vibe is lively, friends are laughing, and the sun has fully disappeared at this point. Get ready to check out the next tier of Tamarindos gems.

  • Oveja Negra: Two words, margarita and nachos. Oveja has a lot of things but my goodness does it truly understand margaritas and nachos. The margs are the perfect level of sweet and tangy. The nachos are layers of avocado, tomato, cheese, and crunchy chips. However, if that is not your cup of tea, fret not, they have several other food and drink choices. This bar is always a lively option, with a pool table, long picnic-style tables, and live music on some nights. You are sure to always find a group of your friends here sipping on something cool.
  • El Descorchadero: A brand new edition to Tamarindo and the Mercadito food court, El Descorchadero has wine lovers piling in. The gorgeously decorated little wine bar has a great selection of reds and whites of all kinds. The best part is that you can buy a bottle and take it into the Mercadito area to sip. Sit outside, people watch, and munch on whatever your heart desires with a bottle of wine to top it all off. The wine bar even has live music on some nights and has seating inside for a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Tamarindo Night Market: Although only held on Thursdays, the night market is a very happening hub where you will find tons of people sipping on pina coladas and beers while munching on everything from tacos to lasagna. There is always live music and tons of things to look at. Stalls are set up by locals selling numerous fares, running from 6 until 9 PM. This is a perfect way to grab some food and drinks as well as check out what the creative people from this area are selling.
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Late Nights:

These next set of options are reserved for the night owls. You want to hit these up later in the night and only if you are ready to dance the night away.

  • Pacifico: If you are looking to dance, then this is your spot. Pacifico is a partially open-air club space which always has something going on. No matter what day of the week it is, Pacifico has something going on to feed your partying desires. Expect the party to go late and to see everything from fire dancing to body painting in here. There are two dance areas, plenty of seating, and lots of bar space for a vivacious setting. Things don’t usually start happening until about 11 PM, so be sure to hit up some of the other venues on this list before peaking your head in here.
  • Crazy Monkey: Only open on Friday nights, this open-air club has lots going on. If you are not sure what you are in the mood for, then Crazy Monkey might just be your spot. On one side of the club, there is a full-blown salsa band in full swing. People dance energetically and salsa in such a memorizing way that you will want to jump in and join the fun. On the other side of the bar, you will find yourself situated right under the stars, dancing the night away to some of your favorite club hits. DJ’s spin until late here, mixing a large variety of party tunes. The best part of it all is that there is an open bar for every attendee from 10-11, so that cover change is really getting you far.
  • Lizard: A smaller venue than the two above, Lizard is a great little place to dance away the night to great club music and reggaeton. This place allows for a more intimate partying experience but don’t let that deter you, as this place is loud and vying to go all night long. Expect some sort of drink deal to be happening or some fun free shots to be passed around.
  • Rumors: Last but not least on the list is Rumors. This fantastic little bar has some of the best electronic music in Tamarindo. Late at night, you can see the party spilling onto the street from doors. The sultry beats pouring out onto the streets have everyone swaying and in the zone. Although the price point here is a little bit more than the other options shown here, the atmosphere of the place is worth every dollar.
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This concludes the Tamarindo nightlife guide. We hope that these suggestions have piqued your curiosity and have allowed you to see what a versatile town this is. So whether you are here at a Tamarindo surf camp, wedding, family vacation, or solo traveling, there is a spot for you here. Shower up, eat some food, and get ready for some fun! We will see you out there!



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