Best Tamarindo Tours to Try During Rainy Season

Best Tamarindo Tours to Try During Rainy Season

If you’ve been thinking about a trip to Costa Rica’s number one surf town destination, you have probably been checking out the Tamarindo weather forecast in preparation. And if you have been checking the weather forecast, you have probably seen that during this time of year, it normally consists of the thunderstorm emoji most days. But luckily, that is not actually what happens and Tamarindo is still incredibly beautiful with lots to do rain or shine. Costa Rica’s rainy season begins in May and ends in October, and it makes everything incredibly green, lush and beautiful. The truth about the dry season is that yes, it is really hot and dry, meaning it is REALLY hot and dry. Most of the foliage turns brown and it is pretty dusty. During the rainy season, yes it rains, but it isn’t like the rainy season you are probably picturing. Most days are sunny with some passing clouds and maybe a shower or two in the afternoon. And of course, it is still nice and hot even if it is a little wet! Since it isn’t high season, there are fewer crowds on the beach and traffic around town, making it a much calmer atmosphere. For more information on the weather here check out our blog on why you should travel during the rainy season. A vacation in Tamarindo rainy season is relaxing, beautiful, and there are tons of activities that you must try!

tamarindo estuary tour

One awesome option for a rainy season Tamarindo tour is the estuary tour. This tour leaves a few different times throughout the day from just right outside Tamarindo at the mouth of the estuary. You can drive there or be picked up from your hotel, whatever you prefer! Once there, you will get in the boat which holds about 15 people, and it has a roof for shade from the sun or cover from the drizzle. An experienced and knowledgeable guide will take you down the river, talking about all sorts of wildlife, plants, birds, and other interesting info about the area and the ecosystem. The tour in total is about two hours, and after you are sure to feel like you learned something new and interesting!

tamarindo atv

Another great option is the Tamarindo ATV tour. You might be thinking, wait, those don’t have a roof… we are sure to get wet! And yes, if it is raining, you probably will. However, on this kind of tour, that is all part of the fun! You will be driving through mud, sand, and dirt anyway so a little water added to the mix won’t hurt. It just adds to the wild ride! And the rain here is never cold. You will have a blast cruising around on your ATV rain or shine. The tour starts in the small town of Brasilito, where you will drive along the beach, down trails through the forest, up to a gorgeous lookout to stop and enjoy the view, and then back along another beach until you return to the starting point. This tour is awesome if you are solo or with a group because you have the option to get your own machine or go as a pair on one. If you are solo you can join in with a group, or if you are with friends you can all can take over the tour and have a blast cruising around.


Costa Rica white water rafting is another tour that is better during the rainy season for obvious reasons – with more water falling from the sky, there is more water in the river and the rapids are way more fun! Although it is possible to raft during the dry season, sometimes the rivers get low and if you don’t get the full experience that you can get during the wetter months. The rivers get bigger and the rapids get better for rafting so that the tour can reach its full potential. This tour is located near the Tenorio Volcano. You will be picked up and transported there, where you will get in your boat to get ready to float the river for about four hours, going through class III-IV white water rapids. During the more relaxed sections, you can take in the gorgeous rainforest scenery and check out the wildlife. Midway through you will also stop on the riverbank for lunch. Overall it is an awesome rainy season day!

It may not seem like surfing would be fun in the rain, but in fact, the waves are often better during the rainy season. When it is dry, sometimes it is too windy or there just aren’t any big swells. But in the rainy season, the waves are normally a lot of fun. And of course, you are in the water anyway so if it starts to rain, it won’t make any difference to you! And there is something about being in the ocean when it is raining that is extremely calming. It is definitely something that you must experience! The lessons at Iguana Surf will go out even if it starts to rain because we know that it will still be a great time. But of course, if there is a huge storm or the conditions are unsafe in any way, we will cancel the lesson and get you rescheduled as soon as possible. And if you decide to rent a board, you can go out on your own at times when you can avoid the showers. If you take a lesson at Iguana, you will receive 50% off of board rentals for the rest of your vacation so this is always a great deal!



Overall, the rainy season is an awesome time to book a trip to Costa Rica and experience some once in a lifetime tours. You will avoid the crowds, experience the country while it is lush and green, and there are also often price drops on many things from everything from flights, to hotels, to food, to tours. Surf camps and other tour companies offer special deals which are great to take advantage of! You are certain to have a blast in Tamarindo no matter the time of year, but there are many reasons that make Costa Rica rainy season the best time to travel and book tours. The last big perk is the sunsets are just incredible. With more clouds and moisture in the air, the colors are even more intense than normal making for an unforgettable end to every single day. See you soon!

Tamarindo beach


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