Best Things to do in Tamarindo During High Season

Best Things to do in Tamarindo During High Season

We are in the peak of high season in Tamarindo! Which happens to be an extremely fun time to visit! Tons of things to do in Tamarindo! Restaurants options, concerts, parties, amazing people to meet and the best a lot of fun tours!!

This season is the hottest of the year, you will want to keep fresh while you have fun, so Today we give you top tours to do during this hot high season!! Make these the highlight of your trip and get ready for amazing Tamarindo tours & activities!

1. Take a Tamarindo Sunset Catamaran and Sail to the Sunset

tamarindo catamaran

Tamarindo Sunsets are really breathtaking, they are really quite a thing! Like taken from a painting! And what is a better way to enjoy these than sailing and having fun?

Since this is a windy time, sailing is perfection, the Sunset Catamaran will take you with mostly perfect winds, calm seas, and beautiful scenery Lunch and open bar provided, you stop in front of a private beach and you can take a nice refreshing bath! And even go snorkeling or paddle board!

Get your friends and/or family and go and sailing off into the sunset. Leave from Tamarindo Beach around noon and be back just after sunset. It will be a day to remember!!

2. Join the Adventure Combo Tour in Rincon De La Vieja National Park

Adventure Combo Tour in Rincon De La Vieja National Park

It is by far one of my favorite tours to do! It is very complete, so you will be experiencing 8 activities in one visit.

El Rincon de la Vieja National Park is named after its active volcano which is passing through a period of calm. The park protects more than 177 sq. kilometers of mostly tropical dry forest where you can find a variety of natural miracles that you can experience all in one day tour!

They will pick you up at your hotel, maybe even stop for breakfast if you would like to.

As soon you get to the park you start your adventure doing a 30 min or so horseback riding!! The horses are really calm and anyone can do the horse ride even though they might not be experienced, the horses will lead you to the Colorado River where some fun in the water awaits for you!

When you get to the Colorado River they will be waiting for you to go on the rapids! It is a fun ride and it isn’t too extreme so again it is perfect to enjoy with the whole family. The river is absolutely gorgeous, transparent and all around it, you see huge rock formations that just makes it look even more magical. After that, you are ready for the zip line!! You will be riding 8 Ziplines and while you are there you can see all the magnificent park views and the Colorado River…

After the zip line there is an activity that I personally found very challenging, so if you are up for challenges…You go and do it! It is the rock climbing and believe me, it isn’t as easy as it seems, but after all, there comes a reward, the most delicious Costa Rican typical lunch, and the spa!! Ohh the spa! Enjoy the sauna followed by the mud baths, which are really good for your skin! And then take a dip in the cold refreshing Colorado river to take it off! In days like these were is sooo hot nothing like a cold rover bath to refresh!

End your day by taking a dip in the Rincon de la Vieja hot springs where you will be able to unwind and relax after a full day of adventure.

After all this, you are ready to dance and enjoy all that Tamarindo nights have to offer!!

3. A beautiful day of snorkeling on the islands off Tamarindo

tamarindo snorkeling

Hot days like these ones deserve to be spent all day in the water! Spend your day snorkeling, this trip will take you to one of Costa Rica’s best snorkel spots with some of the world’s finest volcanic rock formations, which is very rich in marine life. You’ll be going to Catalina’s island where will be seeing tons of fish, octopus, beautiful manta rays, butterfly fish, angelfish, and turtles.

4. Brave the rapids white water rafting in Costa Rica

If you want an even more adrenaline experience, join us for White Water Rafting Costa Rica style! Located near the Tenorio Volcano in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste region, the Tenorio River winds, churns and flows for 15 scenic miles before merging with the Corobici River.

This tour will take you down this incredible river for four hours, passing through sections which are dominated by class III-IV white-water rapids.

The most fun thing is plunging down cataracts! You will be sprayed with water, make sure to hold on tightly to your paddle!
During the Tenorio river rafting, you will experience smoother sections, during this time take a look around at the lush, forested scenery and try to spot tropical birds perched high in trees. Midway through the adventure, your guide will help you angle the raft onto the riverbank for a lunch of sandwiches, fruit, snacks, and drinks! Yum

5. Take an Original Tamarindo Surf Lesson

tamarindo surf lesson

This is the season to finally do it! Learn how to surf in Tamarindo during the high season!! If there is a season perfect for beginners is this one, the waves are perfect, not too big so size is perfect for you to feel comfortable and safe and the water is so refreshing! You will want to spend the whole day in the ocean!

6. More fun things to do in Tamarindo!

Because it is the high season and there are many people visiting us, Tamarindo has different events during this time of the year, so make sure you also check these ones out!

International Surf Film Festival
2019 is a year that will be remembered… It is the year of the First International Surf Film Festival in Tamarindo!

tamarindo surf film festival

It isn’t a secret that surf is what moves Tamarindo, mostly every person who lives here has something to do with surf or ends up living with it very closely. It is a town where surfers from all over the world gather.

This Festival was created with the mission to energize the multi-cultural surf community in Costa Rica through the magic of cinema

Two evenings of surf films, food, music, and raffles, with an awards ceremony on Saturday night for the Robert August Surf & Turf.

La Senda Music Festival

la senda music festival

This is a very special festival, where you are invited to connect the inner self with here, now and everything surrounding us vibrating in harmony, united by music, art, and nature under the full moon. You get to Watch the sunset in La Senda Labyrinth, which is known for symbolizing our life’s journey and taking us inward guiding us to find out who we really are.

You will also enjoy Music created with the vibrations of the plants. National and International musicians and Dj´s with alternative proposals like sacred music, sound healing, live art, collective art, and visionary art.

Wellness, food and organic beverages stand will be all supporting sustainability, recycling, water conservation, and renewable energy stands

It will be held on Friday 22 March at 7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
And Saturday 23 March 4:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Fiestas In Villareal

costa rica fiestas

These ones are more typical Costa Rica parties, Most celebrations have a religious background while others are a testimony of national pride and folklore. No matter how solemn the event is, every celebration is a welcome opportunity for a party with native food, drinks and dancing to loud Latin music.
And of course the bulls! Costa Rican bullfighting does not aim to kill the bull, but only to dodge it and Participants enter the ring only to run from the animal.
It is a very typical experience that you should live at least once!

They are held in Villareal in December and March so make sure you don’t miss them!

Enjoy all the things to do in Tamarindo on your vacation and dont hesitate to contact us for any assistance!

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