Moving to Costa Rica? – Working from Home? Why not Take it to the Beach!

Moving to Costa Rica? – Working from Home? Why not Take it to the Beach!

Earlier this year none of us could have imagined just how much the outbreak of COVID-19 could completely change every single one of our lives. Nobody saw it coming – and now we have been forced into a new way of life that still feels very unpredictable. Each country has been hit differently and has made their own choices about how to best handle the situation. We feel extremely lucky to have been in Costa Rica for all of this because of the exemplary way the country has handled the outbreak, controlling everything early and coming out on top with very low numbers of cases. Early lockdown orders, closing beaches, and non-essential businesses, and travel restrictions paired with community cooperation has led the country to success with minimal devastation. While the borders are still closed, beaches, national parks, hotels, and more have already begun to reopen. There is still a travel ban for foreigners in place until at least June 15th, but the country is on track for a speedy recovery if everything continues to go well!

This pandemic has been devastating to many. We have seen our fair share of hardship here in Costa Rica, where tourism, the largest industry, dropped to essentially zero. However, this time also provides all of us with the chance to take a step back, re-evaluate our lives, think about what we really want, and make some positive changes to come out of this better than ever!

One of the interesting side effects of the virus is that now many people are working remotely, from home. Of course, there are many jobs that were already remote, but for many, this is all new and unfamiliar. It is almost certain that many employers will continue work from home protocols even long after the crisis passes, as employees prove that they are just as, if not more, productive at home and employers save tons of money on office spaces. For the first time ever, you might be realizing that you are no longer tied to a specific geographical location in order to do your work. How amazing is that? Thanks to COVID-19, you probably never had the opportunity to work from home before. But now that you do, your opportunities are endless! Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf? Do you want to get better at Spanish? Are you interested in trying new foods and learning about a new culture? By moving to Costa Rica, you can do all of that and so much more, safely, affordably, and sustainably.

Moving to Costa Rica

You could be zooming in to a meeting from your couch in your small city apartment, or just as easily, from a hammock on the beach at your home in Costa Rica. Which one would you prefer? If you’ve gotten this far, you are probably pretty interested in the second option. Which is where we come in! As relocation experts who have moved ourselves and others from various countries around the world to build our lives in Costa Rica, loved every minute of it, and never looked back, we know exactly what it takes and want to share our knowledge with you so that your move can be absolutely seamless. There are a million reasons why moving to Costa Rica is the best decision ever.

move to costa ricaWhether you are thinking about relocating just yourself, with a significant other, with a friend, or moving your whole family, we will assist you with finding a property that meets all of your needs and fits your budget. There is a place for every lifestyle and price point. If you have been dreaming about making all your co-workers jealous by sitting by your infinity pool on the zoom meeting, that could definitely become a reality. Or if you want to live more simply and save some money, you can live well for very little in a place like Costa Rica. In the culture here, there is more of an appreciation for the little things instead of always having the nicest place or newest car. But no matter the lifestyle you choose, the basics will always be covered. Clean, accessible running water, AC, electricity, etc. are always available. And of course, there is fast Wi-Fi so you will be able to successfully work anytime!

The amazing thing about Costa Rica is that your money will take you a lot further here, and you will be able to afford things that you might not have been able to at home. You might have heard that Costa Rica is a bit pricier than some other countries south of the border, and while that is true, with that price comes infinitely more safety, security, and comfortable amenities that we know you will be thankful for. And given the current events and major drops in costs, housing is more affordable than ever so there is no time like the present to make this happen!

We offer three relocation packages so that everything is taken care of, and you only have to worry about picking the house of your dreams and making sure you don’t forget the sunscreen!

The Basic Relocation Package includes private transportation from the airport to the accommodation you have chosen, grocery service, a Vitamin C IV immune booster, and a relocation assistant to help you with all the little things like getting a local SIM card for your phone, setting up a bank account, organizing your three-month visa run, and more. We will also provide you with a complete relocation resource guide that will have information about everything you need to know and answer any questions you might have about your new life in paradise.

The Family Relocation Package includes everything in the Basic Package, but with more help and attention to make sure everyone in your family is taken care of. You will obviously be given moving to costa ricaaccommodation with as many rooms as you need to accommodate your whole family, and we will prioritize locations that are safe and provide for lots of room for kids to play. We can also offer information about the amazing schools and activities in the area for your kids once all of those things get up and running again.

From there, we also offer a VIP Package which includes all of the above, but the accommodation will be in one of our luxury properties with extra perks like a private chef, spa service options, and much more.

Everything will be operating under the rules and guidelines set in place for protection and safety from COVID-19. Masks will be worn at all times, a 15 day quarantine period will be in place upon your arrival, and everything you might come in contact with will be carefully sanitized so your mind can be completely at ease.

Logistically, relocating to Costa Rica just makes a lot of sense. Costa Rica is close to the United States. Many cities offer direct flights to Costa Rica, with more being added all the time. Traveling here is easy, affordable, and doesn’t take too long, which is especially appealing in a time like this when less time on a plane might be safer for you and your family. Costa Rica is also in the same time zone as the United States. Costa Rican time is usually the same as Mountain Time in the states, give or take an hour depending on Daylight Savings. It would obviously be hard to communicate with friends and family, let alone attend work meetings and meet deadlines if you were living in a time zone on the other side of the world that is hours ahead. But in Costa Rica, you get the experience of living abroad with the ease of still being able to communicate with everyone you need to.

move to costa rica

Another perk that adds to the ease of a move to Costa Rica is that United States Dollars are used as a main form of currency. Colones are the local currency, but USD and Colones can be used interchangeably almost anywhere. Choose whichever you prefer, or you can even mix them! This makes it super simple to see and understand how much you are spending, and you can avoid doing the annoying currency exchange at the airport!

Costa Rica is also very safe. It is the perfect balance of being exotic and exciting while still feeling like somewhere you could truly and sustainably call home. Costa Rica is extremely unique in biodiversity, you can learn a new language, and you are sure to learn and see new, amazing things on a daily basis. But English is also widely used and understood, the government is smart and functioning, and there is an ever-growing community of ex-pats that makes for a feeling of community and camaraderie among Americans, Europeans, and everyone else who has chosen to relocate and make Costa Rica their home. Many of the familiar foods, amenities, and services that lots of us are used to are becoming more and available and accessible in Costa Rica as time goes on. You can also take advantage of being able to afford many extras that you might not have been able to at home. Having a housekeeper, hiring a nanny for your kids, and buying high-quality local food is all a lot easier, to name a few.

move to costa rica

For these reasons and many more, it is clear that Costa Rica is an incredible place to live. While it is always amazing, it is an especially great place to be during these crazy, unpredictable times. The country has been nothing but steady and safe, making decisions based on what is best for its people as a whole. So if you don’t want to have to go back to your office after all this is over, maybe you don’t have to! While many have the idea in their heads that moving to a new country like Costa Rica is just too much work to even be possible, that is far from the truth in this case.

There are so many factors that make it just as easy, if not even easier, than the life you might be used to, and we will be there to assist you every step of the way! This could be just the beginning of your incredible Costa Rican adventure with your family, significant other, or solo! Why not take this once in a lifetime chance of having location flexibility and use this as a chance to change your life for the better! Learn about a new culture, try surfing, take some Spanish classes, and live an incredibly rich life here in Costa Rica. Most importantly, bring you and your family to a place that has been winning the fight against Corona Virus and has successfully been working to continue to bring the country out on top. Seriously though. What are you waiting for?

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