The Best Activities All Adrenaline Junkies Must Try in Costa Rica

The Best Activities All Adrenaline Junkies Must Try in Costa Rica

There is something for everyone in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. From sweeping sandy beaches to dense forests and volcanoes, the list of things to do and places to see is endless. It is always nice to spend a mellow day napping on the beach and sipping on a coconut, but there are also plenty of options for activities if you want to get your heart racing. Even those who might not consider themselves adrenaline junkies are sure to have a blast with these exciting activities and come away with some great stories. They make for some unforgettable experiences and serve as a way to see the country that is unique and exciting.


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Of course, surfing is the first must-try when visiting Costa Rica. Tamarindo is an especially well-known surf destination because of the perfect beach break that is right in town as well as the many great nearby surf spots. Surfing can be mellow for beginners, but it can also be one of the most exhilarating sports out there. If you have never surfed before, Costa Rica is the perfect place to learn. Set up a lesson at Iguana with any of the awesome instructors and you will be riding waves in no time! If you have some experience surfing, check out some of the more advanced breaks close to town and it is certain that you will get your adrenaline fix in on your Costa Rica surf trip.


One of the best one-stop shop options for a day of exciting activities is the adventure combo tour that is offered through Iguana Surf. It is an incredible deal. Not only is it an awesome way to see a new part of Costa Rica, but you get to try five different activities all in one day. It is a fantastic option for the whole family! You will be driven to Rincon De La Vieja National Park, which is about two hours from Tamarindo. Once you arrive, you will have a full day of white water rafting, zip lining, horseback riding, rock climbing, and rappelling, and wrap up with a dip in the hot springs and a mud bath.

There is also a delicious Costa Rican feast served for lunch! This tour will keep you on your toes and smiling all day long. And if anyone in your party would prefer not to participate in any of the activities that is totally fine, they can watch and play the role of the paparazzi to capture all the epic shots! After this jam-packed day, you are sure to return back to your hotel tired, but in the best way possible.


If you are looking something that doesn’t take up an entire day but is still just as exciting, there are some shorter tours that might be just up your alley. Spend a morning or an afternoon zip lining through the jungle among the howler monkeys! With 11 lines, this is some of the best zip lining in Costa Rica. You will soar high above the trees and over rivers, and you won’t want it to end. And if you want to take it to the next level, the fun-loving guides might even flip you upside down if you ask… or even if you don’t! But in all seriousness, these zip lines are totally safe, high and fast enough to be exciting, but not too scary for those who may be a little scared of heights!

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There is also an awesome ATV ride that takes you through the forest and a couple of smaller towns, nearby Tamarindo, along some gorgeous beaches, and up a mountain to a breathtaking lookout. And those things can really go fast. This is a super fun tour to go on with a group – you’ll feel like you’re taking over the road! The guides are knowledgeable and will be able to point out all the interesting things you won’t want to miss along the way. An ATV ride is an awesome way to see some new places in style while getting your adventure buzz at the same time.

Additionally, there is a white water rafting specific tour that will take you down a bigger river with more extreme rapids than the one in the adventure combo tour. Located near the Tenorio Volcano, the Tenorio River flows for 15 gorgeous miles before merging with the Corobici River. You will float the river for four hours, passing through class III and IV white-water rapids. When you aren’t navigating the river, soak in the lush forest scenery sure to be filled with exotic creatures. You’ll even get to stop for a nice picnic on the riverbank for some lunch and drinks, and to dry off since you will surely be getting splashed through the rapids. This riveting excursion is sure to be exciting, and it also happens to be a great way to stay cool!


If the ocean makes you a little nervous, Costa Rica is the perfect place to face that and get your heart pumping a little bit by Tamarindo snorkeling or scuba diving. The warm water makes it very pleasant, and you will be sharing the surf with all sorts of fish, sharks, and maybe even manta rays if you’re lucky. Experienced guides will take you on a gorgeous boat ride out to the Catalina Islands, where the water is crystal clear, and the rock formations attract all kinds of sea life. You will be awestruck by the incredible world that is just below the surface, so unexplored by humans. Snorkeling is the perfect way to dip your toes in to life under the sea, but if you want to get more extreme, a discover scuba dive is an awesome way to go. Or if you have a couple of free days, you can even get certified! Either way, getting in the water is truly an incredible experience and one you are sure to never forget.

Clearly, there is so much in store for you on your vacation in Costa Rica. Even the most daring folks can be satisfied, but there is plenty to do for those who prefer to take it easy as well. There are so many amazing activities, the hardest part is picking what to do! Hopefully you can make time for a little of everything. But after a full day of adventuring, don’t forget to relax with some snacks and a drink at the beach for sunset! There is no better end to a day in Costa Rica.



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