Things To Do in Tamarindo During The Holidays

Things To Do in Tamarindo During The Holidays

We all love Christmas songs, all those which just by listening to them you can feel and see your self playing in the snow, having hot cocoa and just being warm and cozy right next to the firepit and Christmas tree. It sounds lovely and pretty romantic, but…  wouldn’t you rather be celebrating Christmas at the beach? Dipping your toes in the warm water, playing in the sand, surfing with the kids and finishing your day watching the stars with a margarita in your hand? And what do you say about new years eve!! What a way to start the countdown holding a glass of champaign seeing fireworks at the beach and staring at the ocean while you make your new years resolution?

costa rica surf camp

If this year you are staying home and doing the usual holidays, today we would like to inspire you to make the decision to spend the next holidays at the Beach as your new year resolution!


Step a bit away from consumerism and invest in experiences!!


Holidays should be all about familial gatherings, hope and giving back, sharing with your loved ones, being grateful for being together, rejoicing and being proud of what you accomplished this year and reflecting on what didn’t go the way you planned so you can do it better next year. What a better way to do this and steer a bit away from all the nonsense superficial consumerism than investing on a fun experience with your family, celebrating together at the beach, doing a surf lesson all together or going on one of the many fun Tamarindo Tours!

This will be remembered for years to come because experiences last forever and it is more rewarding when you share all these amazing experiences with your family, the type of experiences your kids will never forget and that you all will enjoy greatly. Explore the amazing things to do in Tamarindo below!

1.Have a Family Surf Lesson

costa rica family surf lessonsWhat a better way to share quality time with your family than learning something new together? Surfing together is a fantastic experience and at Iguana Surf we are family and beginners experts!

We love seeing families supporting each other to learn something new, it is a rewarding and bonding experience, It is amazing all the fun you can have together and you can keep coming back every year to get better at it!

Tamarindo has one of the safest beaches for families to learn how to surf and Iguana Surf has the best instructors in town,  Surfing is definitely one of the best things to do in Tamarindo all year long.  You can book a private group lesson and give your family the best gift of all! Surfing is indeed the best holiday tradition to start, healthy, strong and self-confident and with stronger family bonds this new year.

  1. Join a Christmas or New Years Eve dinner at a Restaurant

Restaurants in Tamarindo are absolutely amazing, and in the festive days they usually make Christmas or new years specials, you can enjoy some fine and typical Costa Rican dinner or some that serve a traditional Christmas dinner menu filled with classic dishes.

Dining out during the holidays is a great way to pamper yourself, try some delicious food and wine and do something different for example, there are some restaurants and hotels in town who offer very unique experiences for new years, like making firepits on the beach, doing cocoa ceremonies and meditation, followed by a fun DJ party and other fun activities to try.  It is also a perfect way to meet other people who are open-minded like you and love to travel during holidays!

  1. Reach out to a Nonprofit and deliver gifts

Guanacaste, Costa Rica faces the highest rate of unemployment in the country. With a total percentage of 10.1%. It is amazingly one of the poorest areas in Costa Rica and a big part of its population lives in absolute poverty. Outside of the tourist destinations are villages full of poverty with shacks for homes built with random pieces of wood, tarp, and dirt for floors.

Thank God we have in Tamarindo many non-profits and schools who help these communities through the year. Delivering school supplies, clothing, and food.

And during the Holidays all of them have campaigns to go to these villages and give food and gifts for the kids! What a better way to really feel the Christmas spirit than giving to those in need! Reach out and go meet these amazing organizations, help out during this holidays and make someone smile.

  1. Have to try the Tamales!

Yummy Costa Rican Tamales… They are per se the most typical Christmas food around here, if you don’t try them then you aren’t allowed to say you spent Christmas time in Costa Rica! What are Tamales? Tamales are made with corn flour, they are a gooey dough filled with vegetables, and your choice of meat: Chicken or pig. And wrapped up in a plantain leaf.

You can also have them vegetarian if you like! They are really good and pretty indescribable you just have to try them for yourself.

In Costa Rica, you will find these parties called tamaladas and they are meant only to make tamales all together and have some fun! Perhaps some dancing to help with digestion? Sounds delicious and fun!

  1. Relax and enjoy the fireworks

Fireworks in Costa Rica are everywhere almost every day during holidays you will see some little fireworks around but on New Years they are absolutely gorgeous to watch!!

By midnight, you will be standing on the beach during a breezy and nice weather night while enjoying some live music, champagne and watching the fireworks and kissing and hugging your loved ones wishing them a happy new year!!

Way better than standing in a crowd while you freeze your self off!

Hope you are convinced by now that spending the Holidays in Tamarindo is the best way to spend this festivities!! We will see you around if you are already here or see you next year for some fun in Tamarindo!!

Happy Holidays!! Felices Fiestas!!


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