The Best Surf Camps In Costa Rica

The Best Surf Camps In Costa Rica

The Best Surf Camps In Costa Rica

Do you dream of surfing like a pro? Do you want to improve your skills, master a new trick, or simply live the life of a surfer day and day out? One of Costa Rica’s surf camps may be just the thing for you. We didn’t all grow up steps away from the beach and some of us live in cities, hundreds, even thousands of miles away from a shoreline, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience the ideal surf vacation by joining up with one of the best surf camps in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has always been known as a surf destination and while locals have been offering up lessons to intrepid backpackers who have found their way to some of the more remote and hidden surf spots, a more modern spin on surf vacations has popped up in past few years. Surf camps can be found throughout Costa Rica, but more of the best surf camps are located in the Guanacaste Province, the Pacific Northwestern coast of Costa Rica. This region is home to some of the best waves in the country so it follows that the best surf camps are located here as well. The town of Tamarindo is a major hub for surfers on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica as Tamarindo is centrally located to some of the most famous and fun waves in the county, such as Ollie’s Point, Witch’s Rock, Playa Grande, Playa Negra, Playa Marbella, and the break at Tamarindo itself.

Surf camps are a great place for beginners who are starting from scratch and need to learn all the basics from the ground up, but surf camps are not just for beginners. Intermediate and experienced surfers can gain a lot from spending a week or two at surf camp. The best surf camps in Costa Rica help you get acquainted with the various waves throughout the region so you’ll likely get the chance to surf locations you would not have known existed otherwise. In addition to local knowledge of the area, at camps like Iguana Surf you’ll be surfing and learning from seasoned, talented instructors.

Different surf camps offer different packages so depending on what your skill level is, your budget, and how long you’ve got to stay, you may find one surf camp suits your wants and needs better than another. Some surf camps include the cost of accommodations and meals in the total price, while others may just include your accommodations. While many of the best surf camps in Costa Rica are located in the same area, they offer vary different accommodations and styles of instruction. Picking the best surf camp in Costa Rica for you will take a bit of research which can be done before you arrive in Costa Rica or after you’ve landed. A trip to Tamarindo is all that is necessary to get in touch with the owners of the best surf camps and from there you can get to doing what it is you love most, surfing! Please contact us today with any questions or a check of availability.


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