Costa Rica Family Surf Vacations

Costa Rica Family Surf Vacations


Costa Rica is a great country to visit for a family vacation with its tropical jungles, volcanoes, and of course, gorgeous beaches. The friendly local population and the safe environment make it a perfect destination for family vacations and traveling with children is easier in Costa Rica than many other countries in Latin America. Costa Rica has something for everyone and when it comes to planning a surf vacation for the whole family, the same is true.

Surf Spots

There are lots of great surf spots throughout Costa Rica but Tamarindo and the surrounding area is the best for a family vacation, with the ideal location, wide variety of surf spots, and lots of accommodations to choose from. The Tamarindo area has surf spots for all levels of surfers so whether Mom and Dad are pros the youngsters need to take a lesson or two, everyone can still have fun in Tamarindo. The main beach in Tamarindo has a couple of good breaks for beginners and more experienced surfers and the nearby beaches of Playa Langosta, Playa Avellanas, Playa Grande, and Playa Negra offer up more surf spots with a wide variety of waves to keep everyone entertained.

Surf Seasons

While the swell may be better at some times of the year than others, there really isn’t a bad time to take a family surf vacation in Costa Rica. The best time to visit Costa Rica for surfing in the Tamarindo area is during the country’s “winter” which lasts from May through October. Swells are consistently good during this time of year and in the latter part of “winter” the beaches are nearly deserted, leaving all the best waves up for grabs.

Climate Considerations

While the water is warm year round and the days are almost always sunny in the Tamarindo area, there still is a rainy season, which can get quite wet. The best time to visit Costa Rica for surf is during the rainy season, or “winter”. From May to October Tamarindo can get bouts of rain that last for a few days on end and make everything muddy. If you plan on visiting during rainy season, when the swells are more consistent, make sure and rent a vehicle with 4-wheel drive so you can still reach all the best surf spots. While Tamarindo is in the Guanacaste Province, which is the driest part of the county, it can still see a lot of rain, but for the most part it is warm and sunny almost all year round, so there is never a bad time to visit.

Surf Schools and Camps for Families

Throughout Tamarindo families will discover many different surf schools and camps offering lessons for all skill levels. Whether you are brand new to the sport or simply want to improve on your already developed skills, you’ll find that Tamarindo is filled with high quality surf schools and camps that can put together packages for the whole family. Thanks to the wide variety of waves and breaks in the Tamarindo area, surf schools and camps can accommodate all different skill level of surfers and ensure that everyone comes away having had a great time.

Additional Tips for Families

Visiting Costa Rica for a family surf destination is a lot of fun and can be an unforgettable vacation. The busiest time to visit Costa Rica is from November through April, when hotels fill up quickly and Costa Ricans themselves visit the beaches from the cities and central valley. If you can, visit Costa Rica in the “off” season, May through October, when the swells are best and the hotels have more vacancies. You’ll discover a more private Costa Rica and you and your family will have a more intimate experience. If renting a car, be sure to rent a vehicle with 4-wheel drive as the roads are not always in the best condition. Renting a vehicle is the best way for a family to explore the country. And, to really make the most out of your family surf vacation in Costa Rica, spend some time learning Spanish together before you arrive so that everyone has the chance to practice. You’ll meet more locals when you speak a bit of Spanish and the whole family can accomplish a goal together.

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