Costa Rica Honeymoon

You only get married once, (hopefully) which means you only get one honeymoon so the big question is where do you spend your first vacation as man and wife? The answer is simple, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination and this list of why is a long one. For starters, Costa Rica is affordable, and if you’ve just spent a small fortune on your wedding, you’re probably wondering how you can possibly enjoy a romantic getaway without committing yourself to a lifetime of debt. While, getting to and from Costa Rica is easy and cheap, with non-stop, affordable flights from almost all major U. S. cities. And once you’ve arrived in your dream honeymoon location, your options of what to do are almost endless.

This small, tropical country has something for everyone so whether you and your new spouse have all similar interests or if you need to combine action and adventure with relaxing and pampering, you can do it all in Costa Rica, and at a reasonable price. Maybe you want to splurge on your accommodations, staying in the high end hotels and simply relax by the beach or the pool while saving your money for five star restaurants and delicious cocktails. Or perhaps you’d rather spend your money on activities such as horseback riding, white-water rafting, zip-lining, or hiking volcanoes and staying in a more basic hotel is just fine. Either way it’s all possible in Costa Rica and there are numerous tour operators in the country who can put together your ideal honeymoon package.

For those who to just kick back and enjoy their honeymoon, transportation with private shuttles can be arranged so all you have to do is wake up and see where the ride takes you. For the more adventurous, buses run all across the country, from the mountains of Monteverde to the beaches of the Nicoya and Papagayo Peninsulas to the palm-lined shores of the Caribbean. Or, if you’re really feeling up for something new and exciting, you can rent a car and explore the country completely on your own. Options for getting around Costa Rica are as varied as the activities and unique trip itinerates, so figure out what your style of travel is, and strap in!

Many people fall in love with Costa Rica when they come for their honeymoon. The laid back locals with their friendly attitude are another aspect that makes visiting Costa Rica such a special experience. Costa Ricans are very proud of their country and are always happy to welcome honeymooners and show them a great time. Between the happy and friendly locals, the beautiful scenery of lush rainforests, pristine white and black sand beaches, volcanoes, hot springs, and majestic cloud forests, Costa Rica is truly a stunning place to visit. What better way to start your life as husband and wife than by spending your honeymoon in Costa Rica? There’s no better place to spend your honeymoon that tropical Costa Rica.

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