7 Reasons to Experience Costa Rica Surf

7 Reasons to Experience Costa Rica Surf

Gorgeous curving blue water, pristine white sand beaches, consistent swells, and endless summers, there is really no good reason for you to miss out on Costa Rica Surf. Both Coasts boast extraordinary breaks that are suitable for every level of surfer and the Pura Vida vibe carried throughout the country abolishes all worries creating the ultimate laid back surfing experience. There truly is a spot for everyone here. If you are looking for a fun-filled family vacation, an adventure off the beaten path or a luxurious jungle getaway, there are different surf destinations that will fulfill all your needs with killer waves to boot. But, if you still aren’t sold yet then check out these 7 reasons to experience Costa Rica Surf:

Costa Rica surf
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  1. Warm Water

The balmy warm Costa Rican water is one of the major reasons to come down here and check out the surf if you are coming from colder temperatures. Say goodbye to wetsuits/drysuits and hello to super tanned backs, sun-bleached hair and water that feels like you are in a bathtub. The warm water allows you to stay out longer and gives you the time to really pick out the perfect wave. The water stays warm year-round offering you lots of opportunities to surf even during the wet season, which like the name suggests brings lots of rain but not much less heat. Some beaches may be a little more crowded than others, meaning you may have to wait to catch a wave, but at least you will be sitting on your board soaking in pleasantly warm blue water and the gorgeous landscapes around you.

Costa Rica surf
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  1. Year-Round Surf

Regardless if you decide to plan your surf trip in the dry or wet season, you will find amazing waves on both coastlines. The dry season runs from mid-November until April with wet season running from May until mid-November. During the dry season, the Pacific side will see swells that are coming up from the southern hemisphere, while the Carribean side sees powerful waves that are created from tropical storms off the Mexican coast. The Caribean side has less consistent waves, but the best time to check it out is from October through April. Although the rainy season may sound unappealing, it is a goldmine for more intermediate or experienced surfers. On the Pacific side the northwest, south, and southwest swells come up, offering powerful and fast waves that will challenge your skills. June, July, and August are promising months if you are looking for bigger waves that are long, fast, and barrelled. Another bonus about surfing during the rainy season is that you will see the country transform into a lush green jungle!

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  1. Friendly Locals

Friendly, humorous, and free-spirited, Costa Rican Tico’s are truly some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet.  They will make you feel like you are a part of their home, show you to the top insider tips of the area, and invite you to sip of ice cold beers with them during the sunset. The Pura Vida vibe that they hold above everything else has a sense of community, togetherness, and a zero worries policy to melt your troubles away. Walking down the street you can see that everyone seems to know each other saying hello via a series of whistles, honks, or yells and that everyone greets you with a kiss on the cheek or a bump of this fist. The atmosphere of this country is contagious and it is easy to see why it is listed as one of the happiest countries in the world.  Beyond that, Costa Rica is a very safe country compared to the rest of Central America making it a great destination for families, couples, and solo travelers. This is the making for an excellent surf vacation where you can leave your worries at the door.

Costa rica beaches
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  1. Surf Towns with Personality

No matter what kind of vibe you are seeking, Costa Rica can deliver. Each Costa Rica surf town that is nestled close to every one of the numerous amazing breaks holds a distinct vibe that is hard to miss. Whether you are searching for a place to let loose drinking beer till the sun comes up, a quiet lush tropical getaway, or a little mix of the both, Costa Rica has surf towns that will be able to tick off all the boxes of your ideal vacation. Towns that are a little more on the busy side are Tamarindo and Jaco. These two are a little more crowded during the dry season but have plenty of options in terms of dining and nighttime entertainment. Nestled right in the middle of busy and calm is Santa Teresa and Puerto Viejo. These two are opposing coasts and both offer different yet relaxed atmospheres that will allow you to make the stress of your home life completely fade away. If you are looking for a nice quiet escape, Nosara and Playa Chiquita offer a charming and relaxing atmosphere to soak up. These two are less built up, so there are fewer options in terms of dining and entertainment, but more time to experience the gentle rumble of waves and the slight salty breeze off the ocean. So whatever kind of vacation you are seeking, Costa Rica has a place for you. Any of these beaches you’ll find an epic Costa Surf trip!

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  1. Gorgeous Beaches

If you are picturing gorgeous stretches of untouched white sand beaches, palm trees lightly blowing in the wind, and the relaxing crash of nearby waves, then this is the place for you. This country has an extensive list of jaw-droppingly incredible beaches. Some of the more notable ones that you can bring your board to are, Playa Jaco, Playa Tamarindo, Playa Dominical, Playa Grande, and Playa Guiones. Those are just a taste of what this country has to offer as the list for best beaches to surf at goes on and on. You will find some of these beaches a little more crowded than others but just a short drive or sometimes even just a short walk away lies quieter shores where you can truly escape.

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  1. Endless Activities

Costa Rica is a country of MANY activities. From scuba diving to mountain trekking, sloth spotting, cliff jumping and more, you will never have a boring moment while you are not out on your board. Most surf towns are situated a little further from some of the jungle activities but it is easy to set up group shuttles or to rent a car for the time that you are here. You will want to pack in as many of these activities as you can while you are here because it will allow you to see many of the other breathtaking sights that Costa Rica has to offer and give your arms a paddle break. Every surf town is bound to have a spot to help you book all of these so you can effortlessly see everything around you. Activities range from adrenaline-filled to relaxed and scenic, so you will be sure to find something to your liking.

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  1. Waves for Every Level

Never touched a surfboard in your life? Or have been surfing since you were born? Here, it does not matter. There are waves for every level of surfer here and it is easy to see why many come this way to learn for their first time. Tamarindo remains one of the best places for beginners and is the perfect place for a Costa Rica surf trip for any level of surfer. The long slow paced waves and breaks like Pico offer endless opportunities to really advance your skills. On the other hand, breaks like Salsa Brava and Hermosa are better suited for intermediates and experienced surfers. These two breaks are very different from one another but offer a good level of challenge. So no matter what level you are, Costa Rica has a wave for you. Contact us for more information and booking your next surf trip!

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