DEAL ALERT –  Cheap Flights to Costa Rica!

DEAL ALERT – Cheap Flights to Costa Rica!

You’re in luck!! There have been a number of popular flight trackers and airlines sending out alerts lately about flight deals to Costa Rica. Why you might ask? Well, what is known as the Fall months in the Northern hemisphere are also known as the low season in Costa Rica. The weather is a little wetter, people don’t typically have vacations from school or work during this time so there are fewer travelers, and the place is overall a little quieter. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still a great time to visit! So, how could these deals possibly be so good?! Is this a scam? No, it is not a scam. And we encourage you to check out these deals to get yourself down here for an epic Costa Rica vacation. Here’s why:

photo: Unsplash

Yes, it is rainy season in Tamarindo. But that doesn’t mean it is not nice! There are a few things about the rainy season that are absolutely amazing.

First of all, because of all the rain, everything is green and flourishing! The trees and plants are all luscious and absolutely beautiful. You will feel like you are truly in the jungle! There are a number of plants and animals that you are more likely to see at this time of year than any other. Because Costa Rica is so biodiverse, it is a great time to take advantage of that and check it out! And although it might be raining, that doesn’t mean it is cold. True winter does not exist in Costa Rica. So although you might want to bring a rain jacket, you will still be able to swim and enjoy the water in your bikini comfortably!

photo by unsplash

Second, the months between September – November don’t typically have a lot of vacation time where people are free from school or work. That means that these months are a bit of a lull in travel because people can’t get the time off. That also means that for the people who do get the chance to travel during this time, it will be a lot more relaxed and peaceful. It can get frustrating and stressful to travel at the same time as everyone else (like during Christmas time) because there is traffic, all the hotels are booked out, and it is even hard to get restaurant reservations. But you won’t have to worry about any of that if you don’t come during peak season! You will have a lot more time and a lot more beach space to completely relax during your trip.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, as it is the reason we are bringing attention to this – the deals this time of year are incredible! Not only are cheap flights to Costa Rica awesome, but there are often discounts on accommodation, food, tours, and activities. This is the perfect time to try everything if you want to travel on a bit of a budget! For example, Iguana Surf has some awesome Green Season deals going on that run from August 15 – October 30.

During this time, you can get 20% off all Costa Rica surf camp packages! That has the potential to be some major savings. Everything that is included in your surf camp: accommodation, breakfast, surf lessons, board rentals, photos, a surf trip, and more will all be 20% off! Since all of this is taken care of, that makes your trip very affordable. There are also some awesome deals going on for accommodation at the Iguana Surf Beach Hotel. If you book one night, you will receive 10% off a surf lesson! If you book two nights, 20% off. And three nights gets you a surf lesson for free! How awesome is that?? Iguana is not the only place with deals, either. Prices at restaurants, tours, and more are all also likely to be discounted.

Another perk of this time of year is that with the rain comes beautiful, clean, glassy waves for surfing. If you get annoyed when there are a lot of other people around you in the water messing up the lineup or getting in the way of your waves, this would be the perfect chance for you to get some time in the water to yourself.

In addition to surfing, here are some of the best tours to try during rainy season:

The estuary tour will take you with a guide down the local river to check out all of the wildlife. The boat has a roof and there will be all kinds of interesting things to see, so this is a great rainy day activity!

Another great option is the ATV tour. You might be thinking, wait, those don’t have a roof… we are sure to get wet! And yes, if it is raining, you probably will. However, on this kind of tour, that is all part of the fun! You will be driving through mud, sand, and dirt anyway so a little water added to the mix won’t hurt. It just adds to the wild ride! And the rain here is never cold. You will have a blast cruising around on your ATV rain or shine.

White water rafting is another tour that is better during the rainy season for obvious reasons – with more water falling from the sky, there is more water in the river and the rapids are way more fun! Although it is possible to raft during the dry season, sometimes the rivers get low and if you don’t get the full experience that you can get during the wetter months. The rivers get bigger and the rapids get better for rafting so that the tour can reach its full potential.

Photo: Usplash

Now that you know everything you can experience during Costa Rica’s rainy season, it’s time to start planning! To get your flights booked, check out these pages that go into more deal about where and when to get the best price:

The round trip prices quoted from start at just $224, so what are you waiting for?

Clearly, there is plenty to do in Costa Rica, rain or shine. With the incredible prices, fewer people, and a relaxing atmosphere, there is no better place to visit. We will see you soon! Contact us for more information!

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