Ditch the Cold: Book a Last-Minute Tamarindo Costa Rica Surf Camp

Ditch the Cold: Book a Last-Minute Tamarindo Costa Rica Surf Camp

Do you feel the call to adventure? Or maybe you’re just sick of the cold weather already. Either way, you want to take a trip someplace hot and you want to leave NOW! Thankfully, right now is a great time to book a last-minute Tamarindo Costa Rica surf camp.

Booking a stay at a surf camp is a great option for anyone seeking a last-minute trip, including solo travelers, backpackers, and those who have recently decided they want to do something epic during their holiday break. Staying at a Tamarindo Costa Rica surf camp means you can relax knowing you have lodging, breakfast, safety, tours, and other travelers to hang out with right where you are staying.

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

Save Money on a Tamarindo Costa Rica Surf Camp

It is near the end of the rainy season, but some deals are still to be had in Costa Rica. If you book a seven-day surf camp in one of our dorm rooms this month you will get a 15 percent discount! For those who prefer to stay in a private room, you can save money by bringing your friends. Bring one friend and save 25 percent, bring two friends and save 40 percent!

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

The Ultimate Iguana Surf Camp Package is our seven-night stay where you can get five surf lessons, one surf trip to a nearby beach, a video analysis to help you with your technique, unlimited board rentals to surf whenever you want, and a photo shoot to preserve your awesome memories! Our surf lesson times are determined by the tides and may be held in the morning or afternoon for two hours.

Check out our seven-day Tamarindo Costa Rica surf camp itinerary

We also offer weekend stays and five and six-night packages at our Tamarindo Costa Rica surf camp that cater to beginner surfers. This isn’t some hostel where you have to “rough it”, however. This is for people who want to experience the surfer life all while staying at our comfortable beachfront surf boutique hotel. Consider us a luxury surf camp for those on a budget.

Iguana Surf Camp is ideally located at one of the best beginner surf spots in Costa Rica. We are situated within a 2-minute walk of all of the restaurants and nightlife in the beach town of Tamarindo. There is no need to rent a car here! Our Tamarindo surf camp features all of the top amenities and offers four private loft suites for two people, a deluxe dorm suite for up to 10, and a shared dorm and outdoor kitchen for the solo travelers and backpackers looking to save a buck!

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

These accommodations are not like your everyday surf camp. We guarantee an incredible night’s sleep to have you up and ready for surfing or adventuring each day.

We even have an oceanfront terrace restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a full supermarket below on the first floor, and the surf shop right next door – all directly in front of the main surf break. You can easily walk to every place you need to be. Talk about convenience!

Those choosing a surf camp package can add on a variety of tours and classes that will mean savings in the end. You can choose to go ziplining, white water rafting at the foot of a volcano, do yoga on the beach, and even take Spanish lessons! The options are endless and you will save money when you book an add-on as opposed to trying to book everything separately. Plus, you won’t have to worry about how you are going to get around as these tours will pick you up right at the surf camp. We even send a shuttle to pick you up and drop you off at the airport, which means less time planning and more time enjoying your vacation.

tamarindo costa rica surf camp

Save Money on Flights to Costa Rica

Now that you see how easy and affordable it can be to stay at a Tamarindo Costa Rica surf camp, you just have to get here! There are many deals that can be had for the last-minute traveler, you just have to know how and where to look.

First, there are a couple of tricks that can help you save on airfare:

  •         Use a VPN (virtual private network) like CyberGhost, which is a very cheap service ($2 per month) that hides the location from which you are searching. Without a VPN, the search engine you are using knows where you are trying to search from and book a flight, which can cause your flight prices to be higher than they would be from other places in the world. 
  •         Open a private window, or use the incognito mode when you search for flights. Most travel websites track your searches and gradually raise the price of your desired flight. Once you have searched for a flight in your search engine of choice, such as Safari or Chrome, cookies will leave a trace and the next time you search for the same flight the prices will have increased a bit.

best beginner surf spots

Once you have hidden your searches, you are ready to find last-minute flight deals!

  •       Google Flights is one of the best tools for finding cheap flights. Google Flights isn’t like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, Skyscanner, or other popular travel search engines. These platforms are called online travel agencies (OTA), from which you actually buy your flight. Google Flights, however, is a global distribution platform where airlines directly publish their airfare. This means you can book your flight with the actual airline and cut out the middleman. You can use it to search for a month’s worth of flights to help you find the cheapest flights possible. It will also alert you if shifting your travel dates by just a day or two could save you some cash.

best beginner surf spots

  • SkyScanner is great for setting alerts for specific and non-specific destinations, airlines, and dates. Find it at https://www.skyscanner.net/ (UK site), www.skyscanner.com (US site), and www.skyscanner.ca (Canadian site).
  • Kayak is a popular site to search for cheap flights by destination.
  • Scott’s Cheap Flights is a membership in which you choose your airports and watch deals that come along or you can watch for deals to a certain destination.
  • Airfare Watchdog searches over 20,000 routes to find only the best fares available every day.
  • Skiplagged uses “hidden city fares” to find cheaper flights by buying a flight with a layover in the city you actually want as your final destination.

best beginner surf spots

Try searching for a flight using sites that use error fares, which are promotions airlines put out by mistake. You have to be quick to grab these deals, though, as once the airline finds out they will correct the fares:

There are many ways to save money on flights and accommodations, these are just a few examples of some websites and ideas you may not have thought of. Now that you are “in the know”, ditch the cold and book a last-minute trip to Costa Rica. A good dose of warm weather will be just what you need to get through the rest of the winter. Not to mention learning to surf at the best beginner surf spot in Costa Rica, having an adventure, getting some sun, saving money, and making new friends!


Written by Jennifer LaCharite

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