Find Good Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions in Costa Rica

Find Good Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for good ideas for New Year’s resolutions that promise to totally change your outlook on life, look no further than Costa Rica. 

Whether it’s to become more sociable, spend more time in nature, learn the art of relaxation or try something completely new (and FUN!), Costa Rica is that one destination that delivers on all counts. 

Tired of always hoping to make changes for the new year, but never actually getting around to do anything about it? It’s time to stop.

Book your plane ticket.

Join us in paradise.

And Make a December to Remember.

best place to learn to surf in costa rica

New Year’s Eve in Tamarindo – THE place to make your New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s Eve in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, is one big beach party. The sunset is as breathtaking as ever, painting the sky with crazy colors as the whole town gets pumped up for the countdown. On the sand, people gather to share the vibe, with live music adding to the buzz. The town’s many bars and restaurants are in full swing, dishing out tasty treats and cold drinks all night long. 

As the night kicks into high gear, you’ll find beach bonfires where people gather to dance, chat, and soak in the good atmosphere. When the clock strikes midnight, the sky lights up with fireworks over the ocean, making for the perfect start to the new year. 

It’s not a fancy affair, just a laid-back, fun-filled celebration that embraces one and all and captures the easygoing spirit of Tamarindo. And Costa Rica!

Good ideas for New Year’s resolutions in Costa Rica

Aside from celebrating the new year in a beautifully exotic setting, a Costa Rica vacation at the end of the year promises to be a transformative experience. In many ways, the country is tailor-made for manifesting resolutions.

Costa Rica offers cultural experiences for personal growth, a mammoth array of exciting sports to push you out of your comfort zone, tranquil surroundings for contemplative pauses and is an addictive springboard to adopt a more laid-back lifestyle. It’s Pura Vida here, every day of the year. 

good ideas for new year's resolutions

The country beats to an altogether different drum, a much slower, more considerate drum, one that doesn’t rush you through experiences but forces you to savor them, slowly. If savoring more of life is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then you’ve definitely landed in the right place.

Here are some seriously good ideas for New Year’s resolutions – only in Costa Rica!

Spend more time in nature – get out there and enjoy Costa Rica’s wilderness

Spending more time in nature has untold health benefits. Not only does it lower stress levels and improve mental clarity, but it revitalizes and energizes. The amazing thing about spending time in nature? The more you do, the more active you’ll naturally become!

Being active in nature is one of Costa Rica’s most revered calling cards. The country that invented ziplining in verdant forests brings you white water rafting in pristine jungles, horseback riding along dreamy beaches, and snorkeling in some of the world’s most enriched reefs. 

If being more active in your everyday life and prioritizing your wellbeing are important goals for your New Year, there’s no better place to get the ball rolling.

Come to Costa Rica and see all the sensational Tamarindo tours and excursions we have in store for you.

good ideas for new year's resolutions

Be more sociable – meet new people, local and international, and discover a new you

It happens to us all. At some stage, typically by our mid-20s, we realize we continually hang out with the same friends, in the same places, doing the same things. Meeting new people and broadening our social horizons becomes more difficult as time passes. Eventually, and without us realizing it, we are stuck in a social rut.

Time to bust out of that bubble!

When you head out on vacation in Costa Rica, be it solo or with a friend, a whole new social world opens up to you. Not only do you open the door to what is arguably one of the friendliest cultures in the world, but you also have the chance to meet like-minded travelers, from every corner of the globe. 

Costa Rica is an active traveler’s magnet and if being more sociable is right up the top of your New Year’s resolution list, then you could not choose more ideal spot. Especially if you love traveling solo.

Join us at Iguana, and you’ll never feel alone!

best place to learn to surf in costa rica

Learn the art of relaxation – time to take the Pura Vida vibe to a new level

Everyone dreams of ‘relaxing’ on vacation yet, for many, the ‘sweet art of doing nothing’ is too torturous an indulgence. In our modern lives, we are constantly bombarded with ‘projects’ and told that, to be happy, we must be productive.

Well, in paradise, productive has a whole other meaning.

In Costa Rica, being lulled by the waves of the ocean or entranced by swaying palm trees is a way of life. Whether it’s finding inner calm in the gentle sway of a hammock suspended between palm trees, a leisurely walk along a pristine beach, or simply soaking up the splendor of a sunset over the horizon, Costa Rica teaches you the invaluable skill of slowing down and soaking up the beauty of your surroundings.

good ideas for new year's resolutions

Try something new and adventurous – learn a new skill and surprise yourself

Costa Rica offers a fantastic array of adventurous activities, from zip-lining through the jungle canopy to white water rafting over tumultuous rapids and surfing wicked waves along the Pacific coast. All of these allow you to jump right out of your comfort zone, try new things, and discover hidden talents you never knew you had. These kinds of physical challenges foster personal growth and can cast you off on a journey of self-discovery in the process.

Surfing is, by far, the single most popular activity in Costa Rica. And no wonder. With year-round perfect balmy temperatures both in and out of the sea, a plethora of extraordinary beaches to suit newbies and world-class surf camps (like us here, at Iguana Surf), Costa Rica has been rated as the world’s top surfing mecca for decades. 

And Tamarindo beach is the best place to learn to surf in Costa Rica.

best place to learn to surf in costa rica

Since 1989, Iguana Surf has been paving the wave for a whole new generation of surfing enthusiasts, all of whom have picked up a new skill, pushed their boundaries and started a lifelong love affair with the sea. And yes, many thought that learning to surf was a mighty good idea for New Year’s resolutions in Costa Rica.

The single most happening beach on New Year’s Eve in the country is a phenomenal surfing mecca, all year round. Whether travelling with friends or flying solo (c’mon, bring a friend for amazing discounts on our accommodation!), our Costa Rica Surf Camp is your home away from home. Except more sociable and in the company of new friends, with limitless boundaries, more summer sun and a home offering an insane array of activities. 

When you come to pick up a new skill in THE best place to learn to surf in Costa Rica, you won’t just be making a New Year’s resolution. 

You’ll be making a New Life resolution too.

Make a December to Remember

To help you create a December you’ll never forget, enjoy a 10% discount when you bring a mate along for the end-of-year adventure of a lifetime in Costa Rica.

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best place to learn to surf in costa rica


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