New options and add-ons to The Iguana’s Surf Camp Packages that you must check out!!

Iguana Surf has long been the best surf school in Tamarindo. But it just got even better! A revamp filled with different options for the length and focus of your surf camp experience as well as a number of amazing add-on options just got revealed, and we are here to make sure you know all of the details so you can pick the option best suited to you and come check it out! 

tamarindo surf school

Iguana Surf is Tamarindo’s #1 Surf School, Surf Camp, and Tour Agency and there is no question why. No matter where you are coming from in the world, you will instantly feel at home from the second you land at the airport. One of our drivers will be there to pick you up, and someone will be at our beachfront hotel to greet you and show you your room as soon as you arrive. Iguana Surf’s Costa Rica Surf Camp is ideal for solo travelers looking to meet some international friends, couples or groups of friends that want to learn to surf together, or families looking for an amazing experience to share together. There are rooms in the hotel for any kind of group, and the friendly staff will make sure everyone is happy and excited! The Tamarindo Surf Camp is also ideal for any level of surfer. Never surfed before? Perfect! That is why you will have daily lessons at the best beginner break in the area. Grew up surfing and just want to try out somewhere new? Awesome! All of our instructors are experienced surfers as well and can take you to the best breaks around Guanacaste to offer you their perspective on the sport. 


  • Unlimited board rentals
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily surf lesson
  • Surf photo package
  • Accommodation at the Iguana Surf Beachfront Hotel 
  • Free airport transportation

tamarindo surf school

About the Beachfront Surf Hotel: 

We are all about enjoying the incredible nature and wildlife Costa Rica has to offer, but we prefer to do it OUTSIDE rather than in our sleeping quarters. You will be more than comfortable in our modern boutique hotel featuring AC, hot water, free WiFi, safes, mini-fridges, and much more, without breaking the bank. There are 4 private loft suites perfect for two friends traveling together or a couple, a deluxe family suite that can sleep up to 7, and a shared dorm-style room and outdoor kitchen for solo travelers! No matter the group you are coming with, we have a place for you. But the best part is the location. The onsite beachfront patio restaurant is where you will get your daily breakfast and can also enjoy lunch and dinner, there is a full supermarket right downstairs on the 1st floor, and the surf shop and tour concierge is right next door! The hotel is perfectly situated on the main street in Tamarindo, just a short walk from all of the restaurants, bars, and shops. When you wake up in the morning and walk outside, you will be greeted with a gorgeous view of the ocean and the sound of the waves. Just cross the street and you are at the beach! The hotel is located right across from the most popular break at Tamarindo Beach, so incredible surfing is right at your fingertips at any time of day. 

New Costa Rica Surf Camp Package Options

We know that life is busy and sometimes it is hard to get away for long periods of time. That is why we now have different length options for the surf camp to fit into any schedule! 

The Weekender Package

  • 2 nights in a private room 
  • 2 surf lessons

The Extended Weekend Package

  • 3 nights in a private room 
  • 2 surf lessons 

The Four Nighter Package

  • 4 nights in the dorm or private room
  • 3 surf lessons
  • Video analysis

The Fiver Package 

  • 5 nights in the dorm or private room 
  • 3 surf lessons
  • 1 surf trip
  • Video analysis
  • 1 surf workout training

The Weekly Package 

  • 6 nights in the dorm or private room 
  • 4 surf lessons
  • 1 surf trip
  • Video analysis
  • 1 surf workout training

The Ultimate Package

  • 7 nights in the dorm or private room 
  • 5 surf lessons
  • 1 surf trip
  • Video analysis
  • 1 surf workout training

No matter how much time you have for your trip to Costa Rica, there is an option for you! Whether you stay for just a weekend or take advantage of the whole week, all of your surfing needs will be covered! 

New Iguana Surf Camp Add-Ons 

Make the most of your trip to Costa Rica with one of these sweet additions!

Surf & Wellness Add-On

For the ultimate self-care trip, try the wellness option. This adds two personal training classes, a yoga class, a reiki session, a guided outdoor excursion, and a trip to experience the largest labyrinth in the world! (Yes, you read that right!!) If you are looking for the perfect combo of relaxation and fitness, this is the package for you. 

Adventure Add-On

Adrenaline junkies, this one’s for you! If surfing isn’t exciting enough on its own, with the adventure add on you will certainly never be bored. This option includes the Sunset Sailing tour, the ATV tour, and the Adventure Combo tour on your trip. The Sunset Cruise is an afternoon on a gorgeous catamaran with a delicious lunch, open bar, snorkeling, and more! Take your ATV on a ride through the jungle and along the beach, finishing at an incredible lookout! And the combo tour is the ultimate day trip filled with zip lining, white water rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing/rappelling, and a mud bath followed by a hot spring soak and swimming in the river. This option just requires that you book the 7 day package minimum to ensure that you have enough time for all your epic adventures. 

Spanish Add-On 

What better place to either start or continue your Spanish journey than Costa Rica, where Spanish is the native tongue and spoken clearly with one of the easiest accents to understand? This option includes 5 private Spanish classes at Wayra, a very well known Spanish school located in Tamarindo. Learn to surf and learn a new language? What could be better! Just book at least 5 days so ensure you can enjoy all of your lessons and head home a pro.

Romantic Vacay Add-On

Honeymooning, celebrating an anniversary or birthday, proposing, or just enjoying a trip with your sweetie? Take your vacay to the next level with this add-on perfect for a couple. You will be welcomed with champagne and chocolate, which means you will automatically start off on a great foot. You will also get two relaxing massages, a couple’s photography session at the beach, a romantic dinner at Pangas, one of Tamarindo’s nicest beachfront restaurants, and enjoy the sunset cruise to take enjoy a day on the water and a breathtaking sunset. Every detail will be taken care of to ensure you and your loved one can enjoy an unforgettable trip full of adventure and romance. 

Intermediate Surf Add-On

This option is your selected surf camp package but tailored towards a more advanced level of surfing. Your surf lessons will be at a different surf break each day rather than just at Tamarindo Beach! See some more spots and learn about all of the amazing breaks Guanacaste has to offer.

Surf & Yoga Add-On

Calling all yogis! For those looking to stay active yet zen on your surf trip, try this yoga add on. It includes 3 yoga classes, a guided meditation outside on the beach with the fresh air and the sound of the waves, and 3 delicious cold-pressed juices that are perfectly refreshing after a surf session. Enjoy surfing and socializing while being able to escape to your yoga sessions and meditation to reconnect with your true self. There is no better place to do this than in the paradise of Costa Rica. 

iguana surf

With all of these incredible options, the worst part is having to pick just one! Luckily, no matter which surf camp package and add-on you decide is best for you, you are sure to have a blast. You will learn how to surf, be in one of the most beautiful places in the world, meet new friends, and have a vacation experience tailored specifically to you. For more information and pricing, visit our website: https://iguanasurf.net/costa-rica-surf-camp/. And we are always happy to answer any questions, so send inquiries to iguana@iguanasurf.net

You can also check us out on https://www.surfcamp-online.com/!


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