Let’s be honest – Costa Rica kind of speaks for itself when it comes to thinking of all the reasons why it is an amazing place to be. Whether you know much about the country or not, you probably think of lush green jungles, epic volcanoes, and great surf, with sweeping white sand beaches lining the coastline. And it is all true – Costa Rica is home to a diverse and incredible landscape, with an immeasurable amount of biodiversity and activities to take advantage of. But beyond those initial perks that commonly come to mind, there is so much more about Costa Rica that makes it an amazing place to call home. From the way the country is run to the people that inhabit its land, there is so much to love. Here is a list of the top reasons why moving to Costa Rica might just be the best decision you will ever make!

  1. Cost of Living

moving to costa rica

Especially in unpredictable times like these, we all want to be a little more careful with our money and ensure that we can have a good quality of life. If done right, your money can take you pretty far in Costa Rica and is one of the biggest perks of moving to Costa Rica. While it is more expensive than some other places in Latin America because of the higher level of safety and amenities available, it is infinitely more affordable than many other countries. For example, you could rent a decent sized place with enough room for your whole family and even a pool for a fraction of what it would cost in the states. You will likely also be able to afford extras like a housekeeper, a nanny or tutor for your kids, or maybe even some help with the cooking! Also, everyday expenses like groceries are cheaper overall as well. And these perks apply all over the country. When asked about the best places to live in Costa Rica, it is always hard to answer because the truth is, it is all incredible! We will help you take all of your priorities into account to pick the best spot for you to settle in. Imagine working from home and making the same foreign wage but being able to cut your living costs down substantially. All while also being in paradise! What could be better?

  1. COVID-19 Safety 

Costa Rica has been a leader in tackling Coronavirus and handling the pandemic in a way that has been safe and successful. The government took action quickly, which was crucial in keeping the number of cases low and avoiding any new ones. The border has been closed since March and is set to re-open at the beginning of August

e (although this could still change). All non-essential travel has been stopped, and non-essential businesses were closed, only just recently starting to phase back into re-opening. While it has been strange to see our usually lively and tourist-filled country so desolate and quiet, it was key in keeping the number of cases incredibly low and leading the country to come out on top. We can’t wait to get back to normal, and we know that will be done in a way that is safe, controlled, and puts the safety of citizens and travelers first.

  1. Health & Nutrition

Moving to Costa Rica might bring up some health concerns, especially if you have dietary restrictions or usually follow any kind of strict diet. But it shouldn’t! In fact, it should do just the opposite. Access to good healthy food is unprecedented for being such a small country. Options for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and more are all plentiful here. In Tamarindo, for example, there are big supermarkets with common essentials from the states that are easily available. There are also incredible farmers’ markets and produce stands everywhere that make getting your fruits and veggies in an absolute breeze. The exotic superfoods like coconuts, epic fruits, and avocados that are super expensive, hard to come by novelties at home are just the common, locally grown produce in Costa Rica. There is an incredible assortment of fresh foods being grown year-round. Get ready for mango season in the spring, when the trees are heavy with fruit and locals have too many to know what to do with. Enjoy the colors of the rainbow with dragon fruit, papaya, and passion fruit in smoothies for the breakfast of true champions. Amazing juices like Cas (Guava) and Tamarindo will keep your body in amazing shape for all of the surfing you are going to do! Not to mention the incredibly fresh seafood! And you are sure to discover something new that you have likely never even heard of as well. Maybe it will be your new favorite!

  1. Fitness 

Staying active is also an important part of staying healthy and if fitness is big for you, Costa Rica is an awesome place to be. There are a number of gyms and activity centers, as well as personal training options. This is where being to take your money further might come into play again because while you may never have thought you could afford a personal trainer at home, it is definitely an option when you live in Costa Rica! Or if you prefer to get your exercise through outdoor activities, the options for that are endless as well. Take a hike through the jungle, go for a run or walk along the beach, or paddle out for a surf to really get a great workout! The list goes on and on, and you are sure to find others who are just as interested in taking advantage of the amazing landscapes to enjoy the outdoors and stay active at the same time.

moving to costa rica

Did you know?
25.5% (yes, a quarter!!) of the country’s area was/is under some kind of state protection. Protected areas contain volcanoes, hot springs, caves, high areas, islands, beaches, rainforests, and dry forests, canyons, rivers, and waterfalls.

  1. Medical Costs

If something unexpected does happen and you need medical attention, Costa Rica has some of the best healthcare in Latin America. There are two systems, both of which can be used by ex-pats: the government-run universal healthcare system, and the private system. Despite offering advanced services and many doctors that speak English with training from Europe, Canada, or the U.S., costs are way lower than what you would pay in the U.S., depending on the treatment. Statistics from the World Health Organization frequently mention Costa Rica in the top country rankings in the world for long life expectancy. In fact, the Nicoya Peninsula region on the northern Pacific coast has been named one of the world’s few Blue Zones, which is amazing. There are a number of factors that play into this. The slower pace of life along with the fresh, healthy food and comfortable climate are all likely to play a part in the high quality of life you will experience in Costa Rica.


  1. Education

If you have children, you don’t have to worry about moving to Costa Rica hindering their learning at all. There are amazing options for every need, and we are sure you will find something that will suit your child perfectly. From international private schools to Waldorf schools, all of the options are available. Private tutors might also be an affordable and beneficial option worth taking advantage of as well. And imagine growing up in a foreign country surrounded by a different culture and a new language all the time- there is no richer education than that! The cultural and life experiences you and your family will gain are sure to be incomparable.

moving to costa rica

  1. Culture

Speaking of culture, that is another key reason why Costa Rica is an amazing place to be. The way of life is simple and beautiful, and the people you will meet will embody just that. The food, music, and traditions are incredible to be a part of, and Ticos love sharing their home with newcomers. They are very proud of their heritage, (I would be too if I were from one of the most beautiful places on Earth!) and you will learn a ton just by taking part in some of the traditional celebrations or talking to people on the street. There is also an ever-growing international community, as people discover this paradise

and decide to make it their home. This makes for a great mix of familiarity and support along with the incredible opportunity to learn about a new culture that is probably extremely different than the one you grew up in. Not to mention, it is the perfect place to pick up Spanish if you need some practice!

best places to live in costa rica

  1. So much to see!

No matter where you decide to settle in Costa Rica, the whole country is full of amazing places to visit and everything is very easily accessible. If you want to take a weekend trip to explore the mountains or the beach, it is all at your fingertips! Each coast has a very different vibe and a new list of activities to try, while the middle of the country is full of the jungle and volcanoes that make Costa Rica so lush. All of the national parks are incredible, with hiking, swimming, rafting, and waterfalls that will take your breath away. It is easy to rent a car and drive around, or take busses or even small planes to make all your travel dreams come true! While we may not currently be advised to travel internationally, you will never get bored with everything there is to see and do in Costa Rica.

moving to costa rica

Did you know? Despite covering only 0.03% of the world’s surface, 5% of the world’s biodiversity is concentrated in Costa Rica!

If you are still not convinced that moving to Costa Rica is one of the best things you could possibly do, come see for yourself. We will help you with every part of the process so that it is simple and seamless! Now is as good a time as any to take advantage of having location freedom and use this chance to have the experience of a lifetime. We know you won’t regret it. Let us show you the best places to live in Costa Rica and you can pick a spot to make this next chapter of your life the most amazing one yet!

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