Things to do In Tamarindo When Traveling with kids

Things to do In Tamarindo When Traveling with kids

things to do in tamarindo

Tamarindo is a spectacular little town located right on one of the most mesmerizing surf spots in Costa Rica. Here you will enjoy breathtaking sunsets, the waves will not disappoint you, the surf is excellent and you will have pristine waters to swim and relax. You will also enjoy adventurous hikes where you will admire the tropical beauty of this town.

But what kind of activities can you do with your children while in Tamarindo?

Even though Tamarindo is known for a party town, It isn’t true that you can’t have family fun!  Visiting  Tamarindo with kids can be fun and exciting.

There is a wide range of activities fit for the whole family to enjoy while holidaying on this nature-rich town. There is so much for the whole family to see and do outside.

The best things to do in Tamarindo with kids range from nature activities, surf and even safaris!  fun splashing water tours, rafting, and water sports

Here’s the roundup of the Top best things to do in Tamarindo with your kids!!


things to do in tamarindo

If you have kids and you surf, It is a great way to pass along your love for surfing to your young ones, but if you have never surfed before, then, it is a fantastic option to learn something new as a family!!

Make sure you will be taking your lessons with a good surf school in Tamarindo that is experienced with surf lessons for kids.

A good instructor will teach you how to read the currents, what to do when caught in a riptide, and finally progressing to surfing techniques and standing up. Safety comes first when surfing, and having a surf instructor to help you in the water makes all the difference. Make sure they are experienced and have good reviews.

The Instructors at Iguana Surf won’t just teach you how to surf, but they’ll inspire you with good vibes, they will make you feel safe and wonderful and they will and help you love surfing. They will take you to the best spot in Tamarindo known for good, steady waves and the whole learning process will be smoother.


things to do in tamarindo

At Ponderosa Adventure Park there is African wildlife! The Guanacaste eco-system mimics that of the plains of East Africa, so here, you can even hand feed the friendliest giraffe!! They also have zebras, watusis, wildebeests, dromedaries, ostriches, oryx, and nilgai, among others.

The park has some 300 animals from 22 different species; 11 of them are African species that you can observe and some of these you can feed with carrot sticks. They live comfortably in a freedom-controlled 30 hectare area.

They will take you on an incredible ride on board their special safari tour trucks, one of our trained guides will provide you with information and facts about every species. The tour takes approximately one hour, and after your tour you can, you may enjoy a traditional Costa Rican lunch right in the park.

You can also choose to add an afternoon at their waterfalls in El Salto River, which crosses the park. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the La Perla waterfall and swimming area. Enjoy taking your time and bring your bathing suits to enjoy family-friendly fun by the swimming area.


things to do in tamarindo

The truth is that the majority of kids love water. And what better place to develop healthy habits and skills than in the ocean.

Renting boogie boards might be an extremely fun thing to do with your kids, if they are younger than 8 they won’t be able to take a surf lesson but they will be able to have some fun with the white water! kids may start catching their first whitewater rollers by the time they reach three or four years and this will make them feel comfortable with the ocean, get used to it so they can learn how to surf later on!

You can rent your boogies at Iguana Surf Shop, it will be an exciting and safe experience for you and your kids because It blends the passion for the beach and the sea with a thrilling, and physical outdoor activity


Tamarindo horseback riding is a great tour for those loving nature and horses.

Horse Riding offers a great workout for both the mind and the body, physically boosting the cardiovascular system and easing stresses on the mind. In addition to physical exercise, horseback riding has great side benefits. Riding improves balance and coordination. As a child progresses in their skills they develop confidence and a sense of freedom.

The horses used for the horseback riding in Tamarindo are well-groomed, even-tempered and sure-footed with a comfortable gait. They are also very well trained, which makes them perfect for children!  While riding you will discover hills, mountains, great views and all the astonishing scenes of the Guanacaste forests and sunsets.



things to do in tamarindo

La Boya Water park is a great option for a hot day, offering spills, chills, and thrills like no other in the area, with multiple pools, shallow ones for the youngest and a bit deeper ones for the experienced kids.

It also has very affordable prices, fast food, and restaurant so you can plan a whole day out there.

Located outside Tamarindo at Huacas, It is a Paradise for kids, It is a nice place to spend a different and fun day with kiddos!


things to do in tamarindo

Tamarindo’s only mini golf is a family-friendly activity just a few minutes walk from the beach, you can enjoy 18 hole walk through Costa Rica – with volcano challenges, shootin’ the curl of the waves and even a waterfall!

It is a wonderfully affordable way to spend some fun time without taking up a full day and located close to some of Tamarindo’s great restaurants and accommodations. And they also sell the best ice cream in town!!

Now you are ready for family fun in Tamarindo!! Please contact us! We can help you with your trip to Tamarindo with kids!


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