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New Year starts and everyone feels fresh, motivated, making all these resolutions to become a better person, a healthier being, become a new you with a strong desire to try new things and start a happier and more adventurous life.

And perhaps you have always dreamt about learning to surf because you know it sounds pretty cool and exciting and you have always wanted to challenge yourself, but maybe have been delaying it every year…

Well, this is the year to actually do it! No excuses and we are here Today to give you some perfect advice to actually get moving, get rid of some fear you might have and reassure you that everyone can learn how to surf no matter the age!

So get ready to have the most awesome and adventurous year of your life, book that trip to Costa Rica and finally learn how to surf!!

Choose Your Location Wisely

The first thing we strongly recommend is to research and choose an excellent beginner surf friendly spot.  Playa Tamarindo is one of the top best beaches in Costa Rica for beginners. It is known for being ideal for beginners to learn how to surf in a safe environment with consistent waves all year long, no rocks but sandy, and exposed rights and lefts, which gives you the option of choosing what you want to surf. Besides being a fun, cool vibe town you will find tons of things to do in Tamarindo to have the best vacation ever.

Don’t Try To Do It By Yourself

Now that you have chosen your location, don’t even think about going by yourself and try to surf. Surfing can be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it. You need to choose a really good surf camp with experienced instructors that will teach you every step since the beginning, teach you the right tips and explain all the little details you need to know to start surfing like a pro.

One of the best Surf Camps in Costa Rica is Iguana Surf, with great, comfortable Tamarindo accommodations, experienced instructors that are truly passionate about surfing and that will inspire you to love surf, a camp full of great vibes, ideal to start your surfing adventure, meet great people and have the best time learning to surf.

Warm Up!

Warming up before Surfing is extremely important, try doing some light yoga movements, stretch well. Surfing requires a lot of muscles to work so you need a good preparation beforehand, you don’t want to get a cramp or injure yourself and ruin the rest of your trip! So take it easy warm up and get ready for one of the most challenging workout.

The body works more efficiently when it’s warm. It reaches a steady state of energy production and your performance will improve, also you will feel more relaxed and less stiff which will help you in the water.

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Try It First on Land

Teaching you the basics on land is one of the most important things that the instructors will do, they will give you techniques for you to lay on the board, how to hold the board, learn to check your leash and some basics on how to read a wave, but the most fun part of all the land lesson is when the instructor teaches you the exact steps you need to take to actually stand up on the board!

They will also show you how to do warm-up exercises that recreate movements that you will be doing while surfing, you will be both warming-up and learning the correct technique to paddle and stand up. Taking a good amount of time on land is fundamental to actually have fun in the water and avoid freaking out! The instructors during your Tamarindo surf lesson will give you guaranteed steps that will lead you to ride your first wave and feel amazing about it!

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Lose Any Fear

It is very normal to feel a little fear when you have never surfed before in your life, but remember that fear can create a mental block that will never allow you to achieve what you intend to do. Getting rid of this block is the most important thing to do before getting in the water. Fear can block you a make you forget some of the valuable pieces of advice the instructor gave you, so try to relax, and remember you have always a professional surfer by your side.

One of the most valuable things about a surf camp is that you are in the hands of professionals, therefore you can get rid of any fear because they will be always by your side, not only teaching you safety tips and behaviors but also right there next to you in the water in case you are feeling a little anxious. Take a few breaths, feel proud of yourself to actually be trying a new thing and believe you can, you will be having a great fun time!

Book your Tamarindo surf lesson and get started today! Pura Vida!

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