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View birds and animals of the dry forest and Tempisque marshes

Palo Verde National Park Boat Tour – The natural hydrologic system of the Tempisque River creates the perfect conditions for an enormous variation of animals. As a result of this the Palo Verde National Park works as a refuge for hundreds of resident birds and a wide variety of migratory species. It really is a bird watchers paradise, but it is also the perfect spot to see lots of howler and capuchin monkeys as well as crocodiles on the riverside. Join us on a Palo Verde National Park boat tour!

At the end of the Palo Verde boat tour down the river it will be time to get a delicious typical lunch. After enjoying this great meal, you will go visit the famous artisan’s village of Guaitil. Here you can learn about the Chorotegan Indians and watch the artists as they make the pottery heritage from their Pre-Columbian ancestors.

* Transportation is only included for Tamarindo and Langosta Area, email us for a transportation quote if coming from anywhere else.

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Tour Type:
7 hrs
1-4 pax
$95+tax / person
5 or more
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