20 Places to Travel in Your 20’s

20 Places to Travel in Your 20’s

Your twenties are the time for you to get out and see the world, explore what’s out there and really live before life gets too complicated and responsibilities consume you. Too bad your wallet and your bank account don’t necessarily agree. That’s why this list of 20 places to travel to in your 20’s is a great way to see the world without putting yourself in debt for the next decade.

  1. The Croatian Coast While it’s gotten fancier over the years and become more popular it’s still a laid back destination for young travelers where you can enjoy great food and wine, dazzling vistas and beaches, and a welcoming attitude.
  2. Lisbon, Portugal An utterly charming city with both a young feel and an ancient attitude. With storybook villages complete with castles and beautiful beaches, Lisbon has a little bit of it all.
  3. The Greek Islands While Santorini and Mykonos may be too popular and too expensive, less visited islands like Naxos and Folegrandos offer fewer tourists and a richer culture. Spend your days swimming, eating, and exploring ancient ruins. Spend your nights listening to music, eating more food and drinking ouzo.
  4. Morocco This budget-friendly destination is perfect for adventurous young travelers. It’s easy to get to and easy to get around with extensive train and bus system. If time permits, head into the desert on a camel.
  5. California Coast Camp along the California coast and enjoy the stunning views and beaches of the Pacific Coast Highway. Rent a car and explore the coast on your own. While California can be pricey, the campgrounds are affordable and the experience is unforgettable.
  6. Barcelona This city has so much to offer from dining and nightlife to architecture like the Sagrada Familia and beautiful beaches, few cities offer so much to see in one place.
  7. Iceland A quick flight from the Eastern US, Iceland is known for its other-worldly beauty. Hot springs, volcanic fields, waterfalls, and the famous Blue Lagoon are just some of the wonderful sights to see out of the city.
  8. New Zealand The hardest part is getting here but the payoff is worth it. Reasonably priced bus tours allow you to explore this islands natural beauty made famous by the “Lord of the Rings”.
  9. Budapest Despite the language barriers, Budapest is a warm and welcoming place. Enjoy the laid back café culture that is perfect for youthful travelers or take a soak in one of the country’s famous bath houses.
  10. Vietnam Vietnam is very easy on the wallet and this tiny country has so much to offer. A month isn’t enough time to see it all. Explore the beaches or head inland to the mountain villages. This culturally-rich country is a great place for young travelers looking for a totally different experience.
  11. Montreal A taste of Europe is North America, Montreal has amazing food options, beautiful summers and the drinking age is 18, why wait until you’re in your 20’s?
  12. Berlin Perhaps the most youthful city in Europe these days, Berlin is affordable, vibrant, and friendly. It’s also a great hub for exploring the rest of Europe.
  13. New Orleans There’s not much else to say other than food, drinks, and music. New Orleans is a world unto itself with a unique culture you won’t find anywhere else.
  14. Patagonia, Argentina Home to lakes, skiing, wildlife, and some of the world’s most healthy and stunning glaciers, Patagonia feels like the end of the earth, and it almost is, except you can catch the train back to Buenos Aires when you’re done.
  15. Amsterdam There is plenty to see and do in Amsterdam aside from decriminalized marijuana. Explore these gorgeous city by bike and check out the canals, the rich, culturally diverse past and present, and get to know the friendly locals, who mainly all speak English.
  16. Cuba Easier to get to than ever before, the time to visit Cuba is now. Start in Havana for a cultural emersion and then head out of the city to see what this island country is all about.
  17. Oaxaca, Mexico The city of Oaxaca is fascinating with delicious food and drinks and art work every! After exploring this affordable and friendly city, head out to the beaches for some world-class surf at Puerto Escondido.
  18. Prague Filled with great beer, lot of charms and tons of energy, Prague is a great destination for young travelers. It may be a bit of a cliché, but it’s still worth every penny.
  19. US National Parks With over 55 national parks to choose from, making up your mind of which to visit will be the hardest part. From Joshua Tree to the Badlands, National Parks are a great way to explore the vast beauty of the US and camping is easy on the wallet.
  20. Costa Rica One of the most biodiverse places on the planet, this tiny Central American country is safe, affordable, friendly and filled with adventure. From volcanoes to hot springs, over 8,000 miles of coastline and beaches, zip lining, white water rafting, surfing, to nightlife, great food, and friendly locals it’s easy to see why Costa Rica is a major destination for travelers of all ages. Hit it when you’re young and full of energy to make the most of your time in this small, dynamic tropical paradise.


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