Fresh Eyes on Tamarindo – The Insider Scoop From A Iguana Surf Intern

Fresh Eyes on Tamarindo – The Insider Scoop From A Iguana Surf Intern

My name is Lise, I arrived in Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica some weeks ago, and I am the new intern at Iguana surf. I came here without specific expectations, and I was not disappointed! Let me tell you a bit more about my new life here.

tamarindo beach costa rica

A New Life Across the World – From The Mountains to the Ocean

First, let me explain who I am and why I am here. I am 22, I am French, and I grew up in a ski resort in the Alps, which is surprisingly not so different from Tamarindo. A small town, friendly people, tourists from all around the world, stunning landscapes, and the possibility to enjoy sliding sports. So aside from the mountains replaced by the ocean, snowboard replaced by a surfboard, and snow replaced by sand, the vibe here is not so different from where I come from.

I started skiing at 2 and a half years old, I did ski racing for 12 years, and in the last 4 years I have been a ski and snowboard instructor, I love transmitting my passion to others. Meanwhile, I am studying international tourism management. During my 5 years of studies, I was able to live and study in three very different countries: France, Hungary, and Sweden. These experiences enabled me to discover my passion for travel and a growing interest in nature. So naturally, when I thought of my master’s internship, I dreamed of doing it in a foreign country again.

Costa Rica, the Land of Pura Vida 

You must have understood well by now, living in the Alps is the best thing that could have happened to me, but I also wanted to experience life near the ocean. Costa Rica, with its wild beaches, incredible waves, and tropical forests was on my list. But what really convinced me was the country’s commitment to preserving nature and promoting eco-tourism. Costa Rica has core values that are essential for the future of the planet, and from which every tourism company should get inspired to run their business more sustainably. Besides, I was looking for a surf company, so what better place than Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica – the home of surfing.

tamarindo beach costa rica

Tamarindo Beach

My first impression was to see how welcoming the ticos and ticas, the inhabitants of Costa Rica, are. They are willing to help and make you feel welcome and comfortable. It didn’t take me long to bond with my ticos colleagues, who also helped me to understand the culture and showed me the best of Tamarindo’s things to do.

Endless Summer 

Arriving in May for the rainy season, I was a little worried about the weather, but I shouldn’t have! There is sun every day in Tamarindo and the temperature is high (around 30°C / 86°F every day). Believe it or not, it is the winter season, but for a mountain girl like me, it is definitely summer. Sometimes it rains in the late afternoon, but it never lasts more than an hour and it feels really refreshing. I also surf when it rains, and it is really beautiful, like little diamonds hitting the water. Not to mention, the landscapes are way greener during the winter season. Hence its name: the green season. One last tip, don’t trust the weather forecast, it never gives accurate information. Nature is ruling this place, living in the moment and experiencing different weather in one day is the way to go.

things to do tamarindo


As soon as I arrived, I went surfing, and I go almost every day. I am a beginner and I was surprised by how friendly people are in the water, even if you don’t really know what you are doing. People are willing to help you, give you advice, and even push you if you are lucky! I have to tell you, it’s pretty rare in the surfing world. Besides, there are waves every day, they are perfect for all levels: consistent and not too big. There are four main breaks here, meaning you will never get bored. From the water you can see Tamarindo beach and the hills that surround this charming city, it is stunning. But the best thing would be surfing with friends, encouraging each other, chatting, laughing at our many falls, sharing the excitement to have taken a good wave… Being able to live here and surf every day is a luxury, especially in a place that is that beautiful.

tamarindo things to do

Making Friends 

Making friends in Tamarindo is easy since most people are open and friendly. I came here alone but I never feel lonely, that’s the magic of Iguana surf camp and Tamarindo. Whether you come with friends or alone, your experience here will be mind-blowing. You can meet people at your local surf camp, on Sundays at the famous beer pong party in The Alley, on Thursdays at the moonlight market, or just in the water surfing. I was told Tamarindo has great parties, and I was not disappointed, there is always a party to go to or a concert to watch near the beach, this city is alive by night and by day.

mud baths


Another loved Tamarindo thing to do is watching the sunsets. They are always incredible, and so different every day. On misty days the sky turns yellow, and on sunny days the pink palette is endless. Not to mention that there is always something to see from the beach. To the south, the harbor with sailboats, to the north El Morro hill, and in your back the palm trees and lights of the city. I like to head to the beach around 5:30, with some drinks or even a pizza, but you don’t really need all of that to enjoy the moment.

tamarindo beach costa rica

You must have understood by far, I love my life here, I love meeting people from all around the world, I love surfing, I love the sunsets and the charm of Tamarindo. It is the perfect place to have a good time, move your body and connect with nature. I assure you that you will leave Tamarindo with a smile on your face, memories in your head, a healthy and tan body, and the certainty that you will come back again.

tamarindo beach costa rica






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