Learning to Surf In Tamarindo…  Because it is never too late…

Learning to Surf In Tamarindo… Because it is never too late…

You are planning a trip to Tamarindo, So exciting! Beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, fantastic food and of course surfing! … But, wait a minute… You have never surfed before, you are scrolling the web and thinking, should I take surf lessons in Costa Rica? Even though I have never tried it before? Is it possible to learn how to surf when you are an adult? Well, Today, I am here to tell you yes, It is possible and yes, YOU can do it too! You may think it is something to learn when you are very young, and that now is too late, but believe me is never too late, don’t get intimidated by all the cool surf pictures in magazines and don’t compare yourself with professionals, every one can surf and that includes you.

Let’s be honest, being an adult sucks. When we are talking about learning and trying new things, there’s nothing worse. Kids, on the other hand, can learn anything in five minutes, but adults have to deal with the pride, the scary feeling of actually trying something new and that feeling can stop us of having an amazing experience, having fun and learning.

When you see people surfing you tend to think they have been doing it for their whole lives, you sit there on the beach hours watching on as they got wave after wave and all you can think is how can they do it?

Well, you can do it too! No one was born knowing how to surf and by staying on the beach and not even trying it you will be missing out so much fun and benefits for your mind and body, because as adults, learning something new is extremely important for both our brain and body. When you learn something new your brain chemistry changes. It helps you learn things faster over time by stimulating neurons in the brain, more neural pathways are formed. It can boost your confidence and self-efficacy. Learning new things keeps your interest level high so you don’t get bored as easily and with surf, you will surely not be bored!!

If you are a newbie at surfing, Tamarindo, Costa Rica is the best place for you to take your first surf lesson, Surfing in Tamarindo is perfect for all levels but it is a favorite among beginners. Iguana Surf has the best and most experienced surf instructors that will make you love surfing.

But how to do it? Here’s a couple of insights for you to take courage, get in a learning mindset and book those Tamarindo Surf Lessons

Don’t let Fear stop you

The thought of surfing can trigger an instinctual fear that fills your body when you are doing something that could be potentially physically dangerous. This is a healthy fear, one that you should take advantage of because when you are out there in the water and you see that you can actually do it, this fear goes away, it awakens the life force within you and makes you want more.

Do not let the fear of feeling ridiculous stop you, It’s easy to fall into the trap of fear. We stop short of our dreams because we are afraid to fail, but failure is merely the option to begin again and to see what you are really capable of.

If you can get rid of that fear an immense sense of self-accomplishment and pride will take you over. Booking a beginner’s lesson with the right instructor is immensely helpful at this point, an experienced surf instructor will make you feel safe and will help you forget that you even were scared at the beginning, Surfing will help you to build up your courage and self-esteem.

Treat it as a game

You are not the only one

Learning to surf as an adult isn’t as rare as you think, every day tons of adults are doing the exact thing as you; they are getting on a surfboard for the first time in their lives! So, there is no reason at all to feel embarrassed or think you will be the only one. Tamarindo Surf lessons for adults are most common and they are so much fun! You will not only learn how to Surf but you will be making life time friends as well.

Pick a Good Instructor

When is time to book those surf lessons in Costa Rica, is extremely important to do some research first. With a good instructor, you’ll discover how to read the currents, what to do when caught in a riptide, and finally progressing to surfing techniques. Safety comes first when surfing, and having a surf instructor to help you in the water makes all the difference. Make sure they are experienced and have good reviews.

The Instructors at Iguana Surf won’t just teach you how to surf, but they’ll inspire you with good vibes, they will make you feel safe and wonderful and they will and help you love surfing. They will take you to the best spot in Tamarindo known for good, steady waves and the whole learning process will be smoother.

It is extremely important to have the right equipment

Your performance will have a lot to do with you having a good surfboard, and by good, I mean good for you. It isn’t about the brand new model or what’s in, It’s about having the right volume, according to your size and the kind of waves of the spot you are surfing in.

Iguana surf has a great and wide selection to choose from, starting with Shortboards, hybrid boards, fun boards and Longboards. Iguana has over 125 boards in total from 5’6″ fishes to 10’0″ Longboards and all their boards are epoxy or stops, which is great for any experience of surfer.

Stop freezing and just do it!

I promise it will be an amazing experience, set up your mindset to learn, open up to new experiences, be positive and have fun! At Iguana Surf, all levels of surfers are welcome and we love our beginners!

Our Surf Lessons and Camp are built in a way to make the process of learning to surf as efficient and enjoyable as possible… Please don’t hesitate to contact us and join us Today!

Let’s go Surfing together!

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