Why You Should Travel to Costa Rica During Green Season

Why You Should Travel to Costa Rica During Green Season

Green Season in Costa Rica can be so much fun! I know it isn’t the most popular season to travel to CR and you have probably heard that it rains a lot and there are no things to do in Tamarindo. Well, Let me tell you, this is far away from the true!

As a matter of fact weather in Costa Rica is marvelous all year long. There is a season for every type of traveler, this Country doesn’t have the seasons that you probably are used to. That means  no typical summer, spring, fall and winter. Instead Costa Rica has only two seasons and they are both amazing.

Their names describe them perfectly: Dry and Rainy season. That’s it. Dry season goes from Mid November to late April, weather is gorgeous, sun is bright, air is dry and it doesn’t rain. During this time of the year Tamarindo’ sky is blue and its vegetation looks a bit dry but the vibes are great, Surf is up, there are lots of people, parties and  tons of things to do. This is the most touristic time in Tamarindo.

On the other hand, there is the rainy season. It starts on May and goes until mid November, being the last months of the season where it rains the most.

For many people this is the most beautiful season of all. And there are plenty  of things to do in Tamarindo! It will usually rain once a day, sky isn’t as blue as in dry season and you might see some clouds, but, believe me, the temperatures are just perfect, not too hot and never cold!  And even though dry season is pretty nice, rainy season must not be underestimated.

Here are top 5 reasons why IT IS beyond doubt a LOVELY time to come to Tamarindo!

1- Everything Is Bright Green

During dry season not a drop of rain falls, trees will look brown and dry, kind of desert like, It is also beautiful but in a different way, things you do in Tamarindo during dry season and green season are a bit different.

If what you are looking for is  a jungle kind of experience, where it is lush green everywhere, then rainy season is the time for you to visit Tamarindo!

All the flowers blossom and all the nature is green and gorgeous. It really has the feeling of being surrounded by tropical jungle, more nature to see and more wild animals sightseeings, armadillos, toucans, parrots, all kind of birds, and of course more monkeys. Also the sea turtles start arriving during this time so it is perfect toenjoy some Tamarindo tours and not miss this amazing nature event!

2- If you are traveling, some things might be cheaper

Dry season is peak season in Tamarindo, this can bring crowds and higher rates, on the other hand Green Season in Costa Rica is also known as low season and some things can be cheaper during this time.

Ask for low season discounts because many business do a low season sale during these months. This is a great reason to take advantage, do a little bit of traveling around Costa Rica, and find amazing lodging.

3- Fresh, Nice, Just Perfect Temperature

Warm weather is nice, hot hot weather can be difficult to bear. This season is amazing because you will still enjoy a warm weather, but you will have nice refreshing winds, specially in the afternoon, you can walk around and it will be nice, just make sure to bring a light rain jacket with you.
Also make sure to book some fun tours during low season, waterfalls look more full and the fresh temperature makes the hiking more bearable. The season is perfect to go out and enjoy Tamarindo tours during the day and then come back and relax for the afternoon shower with a nice warm cup of coffee!

4- No crowds… Best Time to Surf!

Amazing swells usually arrive between April and November! Surfing is beautiful during this time! And the best is that you will have less people in the ocean, Given is low season, there are not many tourist around. Big crowds decrease during this time, so its perfect for some alone time at the beach!

5- Surreal Sunsets

Sunsets during rainy season are special, different and absolutely breathtaking… I think this is better explained with pictures!!

So next time you are thinking which time is best to come visit Costa Rica, think no more, it all depends on your personal taste, but for sure, there is something for everyone all year long.

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