Best Things to do in Tamarindo in March

Best Things to do in Tamarindo in March

March is known for being two things in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica: hot and dry. While this might not sound ideal to everyone, there are plenty of things to do to stay cool and enjoy the country! Sometimes the heat annoys people, but it can be a blessing to have the heat while other parts in the world are cold. Also, some people think that it is too hot to do many activities, but that just isn’t true… the fact is, many of the tours in Costa Rica are water-oriented, so they are better experienced when it is warm! There is a long list of things you can do to make sure you stay cool and out of the bluster. Read on to learn the best things to experience in March in Costa Rica.

costa rica surf trips


Costa Rica is known for world-class surfing. With many destinations all around the country, Tamarindo is a prime location for surfing. A Tamarindo surf vacation is an excellent option for beginners to intermediate surfers. With soft beach breaks and cool waters, surfing is a must while vacationing here. During those hot days, you can cool off for a few hours in the ocean and enjoy the waves! If you have a passion for surfing then explore the nearby surf break in Playa Grande. On the end of the bay, Playa Grande offers heavier waves and cooler waters. Or perhaps head further south and stay cool in various surf breaks such as Avellanas, Negra, Marbella and more!

Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

tamarindo snorkeling

What better way to beat the heat than to be in the water all day, swimming around and seeing some of the amazing wildlife that calls Guanacaste home? The Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica is an absolutely gorgeous place to try snorkeling or scuba diving. The water is the perfect temperature to swim in all day, and it is teeming with interesting wildlife that is hard to find in other parts of the world. For the snorkeling tour, you will take a gorgeous boat ride about 40 minutes from the little beach in Brasilito out to the Catalina Islands, where the water is crystal clear and the rocks formations attract all sorts of sea life. Brasilito is just about 25 minutes from Tamarindo, and all of the transportation is included! You will snorkel two different times, each for about half an hour, in two different spots. You will be awestruck by the incredible world that is just below the surface, so unexplored by humans. You will then be able to enjoy some light snacks back on the boat before heading back and arriving in Tamarindo again in the early afternoon. Snorkeling is the perfect way to dip your toes into life under the sea, but if you want to take it to the next level, a dive is an awesome way to go. There are both discover dives for those who have never dived before or options for folks who already have their certification. With a discover dive, you will start in the pool learning about the techniques and then head out to the ocean on the same boat as the snorkelers. For those already certified, you will just be able to go straight out! Or if you have a couple of free days, you can even get your certification! For both options, the boat you will be on is always able to find sheltered coves that are protected from the wind so the water won’t be choppy. 


Sunset Catamaran Cruise

tamarindo catamaran

What is better than sitting on a gorgeous catamaran, drink in hand, watching the sunset? Pretty much nothing. On this tour, you will set sail from Tamarindo in the early afternoon and head towards a nearby beach and cove area. Once you arrive, the boat will anchor so you can jump off, swim, and snorkel to your heart’s content. Noodles for floating, snorkeling masks and fins, and paddleboards are all available to use! Once you’re nice and cool and ready for a break, take in some rays on the deck and enjoy the delicious lunch the crew will be serving up. BBQ chicken, rice and beans, fresh fruit, chips, cookies, and more will be there waiting for you. And of course, it is an open bar all day! As it gets close to sunset it will be time to pack up and cruise back to town, as you take in the incredible sunset from the water. There is truly no nicer way to end the day! This boat is fun for all ages, a great way to stay cool, and also an easy way to see a little more of the surrounding area nearby Tamarindo. 


Sailing or Sportfishing 

tamarindo sportfishing

Why not take advantage of the wind and set sail? There are many different options to go sailing in Tamarindo. The sunset cruise is one of the most popular, but if you would prefer a more private experience, there are boats with guides that you can rent to take you wherever you would like to go. Sportfishing is another popular option that is a must-try when visiting Tamarindo. The area is teeming with an incredible array of fish of all kinds, including some that cannot be found anywhere else. The boat is a 28-foot panga with a top for shade and a bathroom on board, equipped with the most advanced gear and fish-finding technology. It is also possible to snorkel off the boat if you would like to add that option for just a small additional charge. They will have water and some light snacks on the boat! They will not provide alcoholic beverages, but you can feel free to bring your own if you would like. There is a half-day inshore option where you will go out either for the morning or the afternoon to see what you can catch. This is a 5 hour trip. The next option is a ¾ day or 7-hour trip, that leaves in the morning and returns in the early afternoon. You might go inshore or offshore depending on the wind. A full day of sportfishing is 9 hours of unforgettable time out on the water. Again, depending on the fish and the wind, you may be inshore or offshore. Usually this time of year, it is better to opt for inshore to stay in calm water and catch more fish! 


Fiestas in Villareal 

At the beginning of March, you begin to see the construction of the bull ring in the nearby town of Villareal. For one weekend in mid-March each year you can experience the local tradition of the Fiestas. For four nights there is local live music, games, rides and the main event of the bull riding. Anyone can enter the ring and chase or be chased by the bull amongst cowboys on horses. Local dances are held at nearby bars and saloons that go late into the night and for the hungry, there are local food stands that are set up selling fried chicken, churros, meat on a stick and other local dishes. The best day to see the most active bulls are Friday and Saturday and while they are there for entertainment they are not hurt.

So while you stay cool in the AC or in water during the day you can then enjoy a night out on the town with the fiestas and cold beverages. This is a local must you have to experience while youre enjoying your Tamarindo vacation.

If you love the sun and are looking for somewhere to escape the cold, dreary weather in the northern parts of the world, Costa Rica in March is the place for you. You will be able to relax and soak up the rays, with plenty of options for activities to try that will ensure you stay cool! Nothing is better than a warm day at the beach with a cool beverage in hand. But we can only tell you so much… come on down and experience it for yourself! 


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