Surf and Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica – Top 5 Reasons to Book

Surf and Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica – Top 5 Reasons to Book


Are you dreaming of a tropical place to retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  Are you in desperate need of a massive reset?  Can you picture yourself playing in the ocean, eating fresh and delicious meals, and moving your body all while making new life-long friends?  This daydream can be your reality, and it’s all just a plane ride away!  A surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica is the best trip you can take for a recharge, wellness immersion, and just a general life-changing experience!

Need a little convincing before you buy that ticket?  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should book your surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

  1. Location

Sure, there are a lot of places you could go to catch some waves and get on your yoga mat.  But, nowhere even comes close to surpassing the magic that is Costa Rica.  By coming to Costa Rica for your yoga surf retreat, you are stepping into a whole new world.  A world that chooses to live simply and see the beauty in every moment.  You will feel entirely immersed in the Pura Vida vibes, allowing you to let go completely of the fast-paced lifestyle you are used to.  The waters are warm, which means you don’t even need a wetsuit when surfing!  With Costa Rica’s perfectly warm weather (even in rainy season!), you’ll be able to do all your activities outside and even get on a SUP for some yoga!

  1. Healthy Food

With all the surfing and yoga you’ll be doing, you are going to need to refuel your body with some good nutrients!  Luckily there is no shortage of fresh, healthy, food in Costa Rica.  Stop by one of the many ‘ferias’, or markets, that you can find in just about any town you explore.  At the feria, there are different local food trucks and carts with a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies.  Be sure to grab some of the amazing locally grown fruits to try like soursop, passion fruit, starfruit, pineapple, and mamonchinos.  There is also no shortage of fresh coconut water around here!  Few things taste more refreshing after an amazing surf session than sipping from a coconut.

With most surf and yoga camps, at least 2 meals a day are provided for you! This usually consists of one of many amazing local cuisine eats.  Gallo pinto, one of Costa Rica’s most known dishes,  is rice and beans mixed together with seasonings, and usually onions and bell peppers.  It pairs perfectly with eggs!  Casado is another dish you’ll see, consisting of a variety of fresh foods.  This plate has rice, beans, fried plantains, salad, and beef, pork, chicken or fish.  For meals that aren’t prepared in-house for you, you have the option of heading to one of many delicious restaurants!  It’s easy to find breakfast, lunch, or dinner that is made with local and fresh ingredients.

  1. Expand your mind and learn new skills

When you come to surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica, you will be completely immersed in the local culture.  There is no better way to learn a new skill set than being surrounded by others doing the exact thing you are setting out to experience.  When you aren’t on a surf lesson, grab your board and head out to the water to meet experienced locals who have been surfing practically their whole lives.  You’ll feel incredibly inspired just watching them!  But no need to feel intimidated if you are a beginner.  There are plenty of beaches with gentle waves that are perfect for learning to surf for your first time!  Tamarindo, for example, is known for its daily dose of beginner waves every day 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide.  The instructors are also amazing, and will do all they can to set you up for success, no prior experience needed! Before you even get in the water, you’ll learn safety tips and practice your form.

In addition to the new surfing skills you’ll perfect, the yoga retreat portion will teach you so much about yourself!  It’s a safe space for personal growth and development, and you’ll feel supported and guided the entire way.

  1. Make life-long friendships

The best part about your retreat isn’t the amazing food, or the giant waves you’ll catch, or even the sunny warm weather.  It’s the people!  By being in a foreign and intimate setting with a handful of other strangers, you’ll develop bonds that will last a lifetime.  You will find your tribe, your community, and instantly feel right at home.  You will learn new skills together, face fears with new friends right by your side, and grow in ways you didn’t know possible.  Meeting people while traveling is one thing, but meeting people experiencing the same adventure as you establish an unbreakable bond!

Not to mention the incredible local Costa Ricans that will warmly welcome you with open arms.  There is something about their way of truly living the simple life and seeing the beauty in all things that make you immediately feel like you are a part of a very special club.

5. The perfect combination of adventure and relaxation

By participating in a surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica, you are getting the best of both worlds.  You will have plenty of downtimes – opportunities to wander the street exploring on your own or relax with your favorite book next to a palm tree listening to the waves crash.  After you feel totally blissed out, grab your board and get a serious workout on the water!  Surfing is the type of challenge that involves your entire body, but it’s so exhilarating that you don’t even realize how tired you are until you are crashed out on the beach, coconut in hand.  Not to mention that the entire retreat is planned for you, leaving the hard work to the hosts!  All you need to do is show up with an open heart ready for one big epic adventure that you’ll never forget.

If a yoga & surf retreat in Costa Rica has been on your wish-list for a while, there’s truly no better time than now.  With a perfect location, endless fresh and healthy eats, new friends, skills to learn, and the adventure of a lifetime, there is no reason not to book your trip.  We’ll see you soon, the waves are waiting for you!

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