Top 5 Sports to Practice While in Tamarindo

Top 5 Sports to Practice While in Tamarindo

things to do in tamarindoIf you are an active person and a sports junkie looking for a place to go for a sporty vacation, you are in the right place! With plenty of active things to do in Tamarindo,  this is beyond doubt the best place for your vacation.

It is the best town for those looking for something beyond mere laying back on the sand and sunbathing. Tamarindo is a place where adrenaline junkies can get their fix from some fine surfing, high altitudes, and splashing wind-in-hair moments.

You can not only enjoy great hikes and amazing Tamarindo tours, but you can as well enjoy great workouts!! Exercising while on vacation can be truly rewarding, you will come back home tanned and toned!  and you can be indulging in food and drink in one of the many amazing restaurants in town without any guilt at all!

Although Surfing remains the main feature at most of the breaks around Tamarindo, there are more sports and activities to join and have a sweat, maintain your cardio endurance while having fun, enjoying the views and having a great workout without feeling like exercise.

Since vacation is all about having fun and trying new things, why not try applying that theory to working out? Some of the best workouts in Tamarindo include:

  1. SURF

Surfing is undeniable the main sport in Tamarindo. It is after all the sport that led to the rise of Tamarindo as a famous beach. Wave riders from around the globe keep visiting Tamarindo to get some of the best waves in Costa Rica. It makes no sense to come to visit and not at least try surfing! It is definitely a must when you are in town.

tamarindo surf lessons

Surfing is a great sport to keep you young, in a good mood, and genuinely looking forward to being active. It is a great cardiovascular exercise that keeps your heart pumping throughout its duration.  Since a large part of surfing involves paddling, you get a good core and upper body workout. The average person burns around 400 calories an hour while they surf! The great part about surfing is that the hour tends to go by very fast and you will more than likely want to surf another hour! What a great way to come back home with the best shape ever!

Worried because you have never surfed before? No worries! Iguana Surf is the top Surf school in town with more than 20 years of experience! No matter your experience with Iguana Surf you will always reach your next level. Choose up between group lessons and meet new friends or go for a private lesson for a full focus on you only experience, either way, you are going to have so much fun! Burn so many calories, stay healthy fit and happy while on vacation.


tamarindo bikingNothing better to get around town, and see all amazing Tamarindo sights than riding a bike!

Many types of exercise are helpful for boosting feel-good hormones, endorphins, and cycling is one of the best. It will make you smile and feel better because it’s outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight.

There are many bike trails around Tamarindo that would lead you to some of the most breathtaking views spots where you can see all over town, the ocean and even next-door towns. It is a matter of asking one of the locals for the backroads and you can safely go by yourself,  You can also go with one of the several companies that offer mountain bike tours, they will provide you with all the equipment necessary to have the best bike workout ever!

One of our favorites is Tamarindo Bike adventure, a local & family owned company, her tours would last from 2 to 4 hours. Her Local knowledge will bring you through secret back roads. Explore local wildlife, local culture and ride through Costa Rica’s stunning Pacific coast from beaches to mountains.



tamarindo yogaWhen you are on vacation, your days are usually packed with sightseeing, early morning guided tours and late nights out experiencing the local nightlife. A day like this can be fun, enlightening, life-changing and spontaneous, but it can also lead to a bit of stress. To eliminate vacation stress the best thing you can do is some exercising, tap back into yourself and focus on reducing your stress through focused breathing, stretching and a bit of sweat. It has been proven that yoga boosts immunity, detoxifies, relieves tension, allows deeper sleep and results in better memory through stress relief.

You can always roll out your mat near the beach for a self-guided practice or join in on a local class, There are many Yoga studios in Tamarindo and they are all amazing!! We recommend to check out Mermaids and Sailors, they have so many classes through the day so you can easily accommodate your yoga into your busy vacay day.


CrossFit is a high-intensity, constantly varied, functional movement exercise that sees your own bodyweight for resistance in order to build power all over. It is consistent with the benefits of high-intensity interval training, this means no standard cardio workouts and hours spent at the gym which translates to more time having fun at the beach!

If you are already a Cross-fit junkie we have good news for you! Cross-fit is everywhere! And yes even near Tamarindo! Only 15 minutes away from town we have one of the best cross-fit boxes in Costa Rica!! With certified CrossFit coaches right next to you in every step of the way, helping to improve your form, ensure the movements are performed correctly, while also giving you a boost of encouragement along the way.

The amazing “Crossfit Surfside’ box is surrounded by luscious green trees and it is half outdoor so you can keep enjoying that vacay feeling while working out, also… It is located only one block from the beach so you can enjoy a dip in the Pacific Ocean after you work out.


Strength, focus, flexibility and an incredible amount of fun can be some of your achievements while training BJJ.

Beyond any physical improvements that come as a result of Brazilian jiu-jitsu are the mental improvements that are often overlooked.

If you already train BJJ don’t think twice and stop by for some Jiu-Jitsu at Tamarindo, Hero Academy is the place to come and train while you are traveling in Tamarindo!

Training while on vacation it’s a great opportunity to meet high-level competitors and instructors all over the world. And if you have never trained before it is a great environment to learn and have fun, check out their beginner’s schedule and try something new while in Tamarindo!!

Being active is always beneficial, but when you’re outside doing something you love, enjoying mesmerizing great views and possibly amazing company the benefits are beyond fantastic. Enjoy your trip, take a sweat and have tons of fun while you do it, being on vacation doesn’t always mean to just rest but most important to take care of yourself, have a balance between rest, workout and fun and you will be returning home truly renewed!

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