Surfing In Tamarindo

Surfing In Tamarindo

Surfing In Tamarindo

The once quiet and remote fishing hamlet of Tamarindo has become a surf mecca over the years. Surfers from all over the world come in search of the perfect waves, and thanks to the year round warm weather, warm water, and consistent waves, surfers are seldom disappointed with their journey.

Surfing in Tamarindo is very popular with both locals and tourists alike and while you may think it could get crowded with so many surfers flocking to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, there are so many great surf spots through Tamarindo that there is plenty of wave to go around for everyone.

At the main Tamarindo beach, just in front of the town, several breaks make for a fun day of surfing, for both beginning and advanced surfers. At the north side of the beach is the river mouth, which is another spot where long boarders tend to congregate. Just across the river mouth is Playa Grande, one of the most consistent waves in the region. This fast beach break is more for the advanced than the beginner although depending on the swell, it can be fun for all skill levels.

The best time of year for surfing in Tamarindo is from about March through October although there can be great days throughout the year. The weather is always warm and these near year-round perfect conditions make it so a Tamarindo surf vacation is always a great idea. Tamarindo has lots of accommodation to choose from, along with surf camps for those looking to focus solely on surfing. Tamarindo is a great launching point for exploring the many other awesome surf spots along the Guanacaste coast.

In addition to the breaks right off the main beach, the river mouth, and Playa Grande just on the other side of the river, surfers in the Tamarindo area can spend weeks on end exploring the other breaks that this coastline has to offer. Two of the country’s most famous surf spots are located nearby to Tamarindo. Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point are both known as some of the best surfing that Costa Rica has to offer. To reach these locations from Tamarindo, you’ll want to arrange a tour with one of the surf camps or tour operators as these locations are most easily reached by boat.

Aside from Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point, surfers in Tamarindo can head down just south of Tamarindo Playa Langosta. Continue a bit further south and you’ll come across Playa Langosta, also known as “Little Hawaii”. The beach break at Playa Avellanas is fun during low or high tide and this is the spot to be if you’re looking to get barreled. And if you still haven’t found the perfect wave for you, Playa Negra a bit further south than Avellanas is considered to be one of the best waves in Costa Rica. Be aware though that Playa Negra is not for beginners, only advanced surfers should paddle out at this spot.

Surfing is huge throughout Tamarindo and the surrounding area. A few days spend exploring the coastline and it’s easy to see why this sport has become so popular.

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