Top Reasons to Learn How to Surf with a Friend in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Top Reasons to Learn How to Surf with a Friend in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Nothing expands your mind like learning a new skill. It can literally change your brain chemistry! But learning something new and keeping at it until you can accomplish your goal can be difficult, that’s why some people need to take on a new challenge with a friend. Learning a new skill, like surfing, will be even more fun if you have a friend around to help keep you motivated. So, if you want to learn to surf in Tamarindo Costa Rica, grab a friend or two and see how much more fun falling in the water and getting up on your surfboard for the first time can be together.

surf in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Have Fun

Chances are, you will have more fun learning to surf in Tamarindo with a friend. When you fall off your surfboard (and you will fall), you will have someone there to laugh with you. And it’s not all about surfing. It is always more fun to be roomies with a friend, and imagine you and your friend surfing in Tamarindo during the day then taking on the fun little beach town at night! Bringing a friend means you’ll always have someone to go for dinner with, sunset drinks, dancing, and exploring Costa Rica! 

There are so many things to see and do, not only in Tamarindo, but there is plenty of exploring to do nearby. Maybe you and your friend want to try out snorkeling and scuba diving. Our half-day diving trips take you to nearby Las Catalinas Islands, where volcanic rock houses a large variety of marine life, such as manta rays, angelfish, and white tip reef sharks. Feeling a bit water-logged after a day of surfing in Tamarindo? Hop on an ATV for a tour of the surrounding beaches. If you and your buddy are really adventurous, you will want to book the ultimate adventure combo, with zip-lining through the jungle, white water rafting, rock rappelling, and volcanic hot springs. 

surfing in Tamarindo

There are so many fun experiences you can share on your trip together, and you can even book your tours along with your stay at our surf camp to save time and money. When you book a tour with Iguana Surf you will get 15 percent off your surf lessons and 15 percent off your board rentals. You will also get picked up and dropped off right at our surf camp when you head out on the tour of your choice. 

Check out some of the tours you and your friend can do after your surf in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Get Motivated

Not only will you and your friend laugh with each other when you fall off your boards, you are also there to encourage each other to get back up! Sometimes learning a new skill can be challenging. That’s why it is so great to have a friend on your side who knows how to motivate you to keep going when the waves get rough or you have just fallen one too many times – believe us, it happens! Learning to surf in Costa Rica does not come naturally to everyone. Some beginners have to work harder than others to pop up on their board that first time. But once you do, trust us, you’ll be hooked! And you will have your very own cheer squad in your corner when you bring your buddy.

surfing in Tamarindo

Having a friend next to you while surfing may even bring out the best in you. As surfers, we tend to go a little harder and take more risks when we know someone is watching us. Learning to surf in Tamarindo Costa Rica with a friend may even help with your confidence. You will always have someone to back you up if someone gets pushy in the lineup, for instance. The lineup is where surfers wait their turn to catch an upcoming wave and if waves are scarce and the water is busy, some people will get impatient, especially with a new surfer. With a friend on your side, these issues will seem minor. Like anything in life, a little nudge in the right direction can help us achieve greater things.

Stay Safe

Learning how to surf in Tamarindo Costa Rica is one of the safest places in the country for beginners. The waves here are mellow with a soft, sandy bottom to land on when you fall off your surfboard. And of course, learning how to surf with a certified, bilingual instructor is your safest bet. But once you have a few lessons under your belt, you will likely want to head out into the waves on your own to practice your new skills. That is where having a friend with you really comes in handy. There are many hazards to watch out for in the ocean besides the waves – other surfers, marine life, and even your own board can cause you harm if you aren’t careful.

surf in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Beginner surfers often have a big blind spot when they are paddling for a wave. You have to get your positioning, speed, and timing right to catch your wave, and this extra focus can cause tunnel vision, especially for a beginner. If you are surfing with a friend, they can call you out if you are about to drop in another surfer’s wave without realizing it before you crash into them or they crash into you.

Attacks by marine life in Costa Rica are rare, but sharks, jellyfish, and crocodiles do exist here and it’s good to have someone watching your back if you encounter any of them.

surf in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Your own surfboard will likely be the biggest threat to the new surfer. Losing your board or getting hit by your board are the two most common injuries to surfers. Most beginner surfers do not have the skills or stamina to swim long distances without their board, especially when they are already tired from surfing, so it is good to have a friend nearby to pick you up on their surfboard if you lose your board. That way you can paddle towards your board together or head to shore safely. It can be difficult for beginners to handle their surfboards, especially the big longboards. If you lose track of your board or wipe out incorrectly, your board may hit you, causing injury or even knocking you out. That’s why surfing with a friend who can keep an eye on you is always recommended.

Big Savings

Our beachfront boutique surf camp caters to beginners, with comfortable and clean accommodations, daily surf lessons, unlimited board rentals, daily breakfast, and everything you need to take your new found skills to the next level. You can choose anywhere from two to seven nights at our surf camp, located right on Tamarindo Beach. We have plenty of solo travelers taking advantage of our surf camp packages and certified instructors, who have helped over 125,000 new surfers learn the ropes, but did you know bringing a friend will also bring you big savings? When you bring a friend to stay at Iguana Surf Camp, you save 25 percent. Bring two friends and save 40 percent. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

surf in Tamarindo Costa Rica

There’s not only the big savings to consider when you book a surf camp package with your friends. At Iguana Surf, we offer several add-ons so you and your friends can make the most out of your surf camp experience. Want to learn Spanish together? Travel around to different surf spots? Take some yoga classes? Meditate on the beach? Take a trip to the world’s largest cactus labyrinth? These are just some of the options available to you and your friends when you choose one of our surf camp add-ons.

So, if you want to learn a new skill, stay motivated, stay safe, and save some money, put surfing in Tamarindo with a friend on your list and enjoy all of the benefits together.

Written by Jennifer LaCharite

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