Costa Rica Romantic Vacations – Try a Couples Surf Camp

Costa Rica Romantic Vacations – Try a Couples Surf Camp

Nothing brings a couple closer quite like trying out something new together. Facing a challenge together in stride is the ultimate couple’s goal and doing something fun in a beautiful location is the perfect recipe for success. So, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not try out a couples surf camp for the ultimate Costa Rica romantic vacation?

Take Surf Lessons Together

Active sports like surfing get the blood pumping and the energy flowing, and couples tend to find this can help set them up for a spicy vacation in all aspects of their time together. Learning a new skill together will also help to strengthen your bond. After all, healthy growth in a relationship is born from facing difficulties together. Physical activity and play can be the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Trying, failing, and getting back up on your board and trying again is a great experience to have as a couple.

Couples surf camp

At Iguana Surf, we offer surf camp packages for a weekend, all the way up to a week-long stay. You can choose several add-ons to make your stay the ultimate Costa Rica vacation, including adventure tours, Spanish lessons, relaxation, and yoga, but if you’re looking for romance you have got to try our Costa Rica Romantic Vacation add-on.

Check out our Surf Camp and add-ons

Couples who choose this romantic package will be treated to champagne and chocolate upon arrival at our surf camp, where you will get private, up-scale accommodations at the Iguana Surf Hotel. You will also enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach, where you can witness the magical Tamarindo sunsets while enjoying some fine dining. Speaking of sunset, this package includes a sunset cruise on the Pacific Ocean, where you and your special someone will be served tropical cocktails on deck while watching for dolphins, sea turtles, leaping rays, and even whales! The romance doesn’t stop there, however. A couple’s massage will be the perfect way to relax after a day of surfing together. To top it all off, we offer a couple’s photography session on the beach to give you a lasting memory of your special time together in this beautiful location.

costa rica romantic vacation

This deluxe package has been created especially for couples who want to celebrate their love for each other. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday, elopement, honeymoon, or even for a very unique marriage proposal, you and your partner will get the opportunity to share an adventure together on the waves.

Have an Adventure Together

Just like learning a new skill, sharing an adventure with your partner can bring you closer together. There are so many exciting options for your Costa Rica romantic vacation! From zip-lining through the canopy of the tropical dry forest to an ATV tour of Tamarindo and the surrounding beaches, the options for adventure are endless.

Couples surf camp

Take a tour to an ancient volcano where you and your partner can slather each other in warm volcanic mud, which is full of essential minerals to detox your typical vacation indulgences. Soak your bodies in the natural hot springs, surrounded by the rainforest, hidden from the outside world. You will definitely feel your wild side come out when you are fully immersed in the jungle!

Discover our exciting tour options

Discover a New World Together

There is a whole new world hidden under the sea, just waiting for you and your partner to discover together. Explore wonders seldom seen while snorkeling or scuba diving together. From Tamarindo, you and your partner will take a boat to Las Catalinas Islands where the volcanic reef hosts an abundance of sea life, such as beautiful angel fish, majestic sea turtles, and huge manta rays. For many, this is a once in a lifetime experience to share together that will stay in your memories forever.

costa rica romantic vacation

There is lots to discover above water, too! Costa Rica is small but diverse, with several microclimates to explore. From the hot beaches of Guanacaste, to the fresh cloud forest, to the otherworldly experience of the volcanos, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to discovering new worlds in Costa Rica!

Share a Spa Day Together

You and can your partner will get pampered with an all day, adults-only spa experience like no other at a special spa right here in Tamarindo. Imagine being treated to an all-natural facial, massage, and body wrap, then soaking in a flower filled Indonesian style bath, all while overlooking the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by nature. After a healthy, gourmet lunch, end your day by soaking together in a hydrotherapy tub while sipping on a complimentary drink. The full package for romance and relaxation, however, is the sunset couple’s massage overlooking the lush jungle under the blazing evening sky.

There are local spas that also offer services to make you look and feel your best. You can get a mani/pedi, often at a very reasonable price compared to back home. There are also customized body wraps to soften your skin and give you that special glow. Some feature a truly Costa Rican twist, such tropical papaya and organic chocolate body wraps.

Couples surf camp

Enjoy the Sunset Together

What can be more romantic than enjoying a sunset with your lover? There are many options to enjoy this daily spectacle at Tamarindo Beach.

Couple who like to hike can reach a couple good miradors (lookouts) in the Tamarindo area. There is one up the hill behind Volcano Brewery that is perfect to just hang out and watch the day turn to dusk. Another good sunset lookout is at the point past Capitán Suizo Beachfront Boutique in the Tamarindo Bay, where you can see right across the horizon. Don’t worry, your guides at Iguana Surf can direct you to these romantic vistas.

costa rica romantic vacation

You can even enjoy a picnic at an ideal vantage point for watching sunset. Caracola Experience offers everything you need for a romantic picnic up high in the hills or right on the beach if you prefer. They bring everything you could want and more to spend a romantic and luxurious picnic together, including pillows, cozy rugs, and candles. A chic boho teepee they set up in advance helps to set the mood while you enjoy a bottle of wine, charcuterie board, and more. They even provide a Bluetooth speaker so you can set the tone with some “musica romantica”.

Of course, there are also many restaurants along Tamarindo Beach that cater to the sunset watchers, with cozy lounge chairs and fresh cocktails to share. If you have wheels, a short drive to Sendito Norte Restaurant in Las Catalinas should be on your list for romantic dinner experiences. They do the spectacle of sunset in a big way! Featuring an epic view of the ocean from up high, they even invite select patrons to bang the giant gong when the sun finally drops below the horizon.

Couples surf camp

A horseback ride along the beach is another romantic way to enjoy sunset together. A sunset sail around the bay will also set the tone for the perfect Costa Rica romantic vacation.

Whatever you and the one you love choose to do on your romantic vacation in Costa Rica, starting out at a couples surf camp is the right place to start. Iguana Surf can help organize all the fun, adventure, and romance for you both, so all you have to do is relax and be in the moment with your loved one.

By Jennifer LaCharite

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