Surf Events in Costa Rica in 2024

Surf Events in Costa Rica in 2024

Costa Rica’s surfing scene is set to continue in style this year with a series of exciting surf events and competitions rocking our waves. Guanacaste, in particular, is in pole position to host pro surfing events for the remainder of 2024. 

This year promises to draw seasoned pros from every corner of the globe and inspire up-and-coming talents like teenage pro surfer Tomas Pathenay Olivari, proudly sponsored by Iguana Surf.

A Tamarindo native and just 16 years old, Tomas swiftly rose through the surf ranks to qualify for the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship this year. The competition was recently held in El Salvador, where Tomas finished in the top 20. The entire Iguana Surf Camp family is absolutely thrilled and proud to support this young, dynamic local talent – and we look forward to seeing him reach incredible career heights in the coming years.

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Travel to Costa Rica in 2024, and you might be lucky enough to see Tomas in action at local surf events.

Why is Costa Rica the ideal surfing destination? 

Costa Rica’s Pacific coast stretches for over 630 miles. Our western coast is essentially a necklace of extraordinary surfing beaches. The country’s surfing hot spots cater to all levels, from beginners to professionals. Yet it’s the idyllic combination of perfect conditions – warm waters year-round, consistent swells, and diverse wave types – that makes the country ideal for surf competitions. 

What’s more, Costa Rica’s commitment to environmental sustainability and ecotourism ensures the natural beauty of our coastline remains unspoiled. Add to this political stability, top-notch infrastructure, and about the friendliest surf-mad locals you’re ever likely to meet, and you’ll discover a land that is tailor-made for surfing addicts. 

If you’ve ever joined us for an epic Surf Camp in Tamarindo… you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!

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Surf Events in Costa Rica in 2024

The Costa Rica Surf Federation (Federación de Surf de Costa Rica, FSC) is the main governing body responsible for organizing and promoting surfing in the country. The FSC oversees various surf events and competitions throughout the year—keep up with them on Instagram to see what’s on the schedule when you plan your Guanacaste Costa Rica surf vacation.

Enough fluffing about, let’s get down to it – here are the top surfing events you can catch in Costa Rica in 2024.

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  1. Santa Teresa National Surf Pro – 25-26 May, 2024

The national Costa Rica surfing circuit picks up the pace this weekend (25-26 May), with the Santa Teresa Surf Pro expecting to draw big crowds. Santa Teresa is one of the most famous surf towns in the Nicoya Peninsula, and it is loved as much for its excellent surf conditions as for its incredible natural beauty. With a vibrant local community ready to join in on the fun, the event promises to be an exhilarating event indeed! 

  1. Playa Hermosa Nationals – 15-16 June, 2024

Playa Hermosa is set near Jaco on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast. Known for its powerful and consistent beach breaks, Hermosa is revered by international and local pro surfers and always makes for thrilling competitions. If you don’t think your own skills are up to the task, head on over in mid-June and watch the pros make it look easy in the National Surfing Competition.

With its black sand beach and strong swells, Playa Hermosa boasts generally stronger and faster waves compared to other beaches. These waves can be exciting but also demanding for less experienced surfers. We’d only recommend experienced surfers tackle the waves here. 

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  1. Playa Guiones Surf Tournament – 20-21 July, 2024

Playa Guiones, also on the Nicoya Peninsula, is known for its laid-back vibe and long, consistent waves catering to pros and beginner surfers. The white sandy beaches at Guiones are dreamy, and the surf is said to be the most consistent along the entire stretch of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Its proximity to the continental shelf allows the sandy-bottom beach to catch both northern and southern swells, resulting in excellent waves almost every single day of the year. A true surfing paradise!

  1. Jaco Alas Pro Tour – 22-23 August, 2024

The Alas Pro Tour has been running since 1998 and is a multi-national comp of Latin American countries. The cooperation was born out of a desire to promote local surfers and include Latin American countries in the international surf events calendar. After all, our regional beaches are some of the best surfing hotspots in the world, on par with more prominent destinations like Hawaii and Australia.

Holding an Alas event in Costa Rica is particularly poignant, given Costa Rica was one of surfing’s pioneering nations. 

Learn more about the history of surfing.

Guanacaste – the heart of Costa Rica’s surf scene

The Guanacaste Province encompasses the northwestern part of Costa Rica and is the epicenter of the country’s surf culture. Its vast coastline offers a variety of breaks, from the mellow waves of Playa Tamarindo to the more challenging barrels of Playa Negra. This diversity makes it an ideal location for amateur and professional surf events.

Guanacaste’s Top Surf Spots 

  • Playa Tamarindo: Known for its consistent waves and bustling surf community, Tamarindo is perfect for learning and honing advanced skills. We run Iguana Surf Camp here, and we think it’s the country’s best beach for learning how to surf.
  • Playa Grande: Just north of Tamarindo, Playa Grande offers powerful waves and less crowded conditions, making it a favorite among more experienced surfers who love to have more wiggle room when they surf.
  • Playa Avellanas: With its beautiful scenery and reliable surf, Avellanas attracts surfers looking for a more laid-back atmosphere. It is beautiful if you travel with non-surfing friends who want to enjoy a glorious day at an idyllic beach.
  • Playa Negra: Famous for its right-hand barrel waves, Playa Negra is a must-visit for advanced surfers seeking a challenge.

2024 is shaping up to be an exhilarating year for surf events in Costa Rica, especially in the Guanacaste region. With world-class competitions, stunning beaches, and the rise of young talents, Costa Rica cements its reputation as a top international surfing destination. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner eager to catch your first wave, Guanacaste offers something for everyone. 

And so do we!

At Iguana Surf Camp, we offer individual private, semi-private, and group surf lessons and multi-day surf camps tailored for every age and skill set. We also offer a bunch of super cool tours and activities that showcase the best our region has to offer.

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For more information about surf events, surf lessons, and the latest updates on all the happenings in Tamarindo and Costa Rica, visit Iguana Surf. See you on the waves!

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