Top 7 Surfers Jobs That Let You Surf Every Day

Top 7 Surfers Jobs That Let You Surf Every Day

If you’re the kind of person whose entire daily schedule revolves around trying to fit in a surfing session, then you – dear friend – are a true surfing addict. Welcome to the club! At Iguana Surf Camp here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, we know all about surfing addictions. Catching waves is an inherent part of our everyday lives – something we cannot live without. 

Every newcomer to the Costa Rica surf scene will, at some point, wonder how they can either turn their new-found passion into a genuine career or, at the very least, find a job with enough flexibility to allow them to hit the waves every single day.

Both options are totally possible and well within anyone’s grasp. The trick to scoring the best surfers jobs in Tamarindo, we find, is to actually look beyond surfing. From digital nomading and restaurant work to tour guiding and any gig in hospitality, some of the best jobs for surfers are all low-stress (so you’re not left worn out) and offer a flexible schedule that allow you to get out there and enjoy all of Tamarindo Costa Rica surf, every day. 

Score an ideal job like that, and you’ll have an enviable lifestyle others can only dream about.

1) Become a surf instructor

At the risk of stating the obvious, becoming a surf instructor is the best way to turn your love of surfing into an actual job. You can work anywhere in the world—even more so if you speak one or two foreign languages—meet all sorts of cool surfers from every corner of the globe, and share your expertise with others. 

How to become a surf instructor in Costa Rica – After perfecting your surfing skills, you’ll need to gain certification to be able to teach. Look to reputable organizations like the International Surfing Association (ISA) or the Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI). Once you have this official document and have completed a first aid course (and have the necessary work permits), you can simply network with local surf camps in Tamarindo. It’s a great idea to start by volunteering or interning to gain experience. 

There’s no telling where your new job will take you – maybe you can even become part of Iguana Surf Camp’s instructor’s team!

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2) Work as a surf photographer/videographer

If you already have photography or videography experience, this is by far the easiest way to score a good surfers job that lets you surf every day. You can capture the magic of surfing from the shore or on a board, work alongside a surf school, or freelance your services to local surfers. 

Working as a freelance photographer means you can diversify your portfolio – some fields, like wedding photography, can pay exceptionally well and only require you to work on weekends – leaving you plenty of daytime hours to enjoy surfing.

3) Work as a water sports instructor

Many people searching for the best surfers jobs in Tamarindo make the mistake of solely searching for surfing jobs. In reality, you’re much more likely to nab employment if you set your net even wider. Because you know what? Every decent surfing town in Costa Rica and anywhere worldwide will boast a comprehensive water sports scene. The idea is that if you can do it, then you can teach it!

Scuba diving and snorkeling, SUP boarding, and kayaking are the most common water-based sports offered in well-established seaside surf towns. If you can’t easily find a job teaching surfing, turn your attention to a different discipline. As long as you’re working, earning, and living in a surfing town, you’ll always find time to surf every day.

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4) Work as a tour and excursion guide

We might live and breathe surfing at Iguana Surf Camp, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we do. We offer our guests an array of amazing Tamarindo tours both in and out of the water—from ATV excursions to horseback riding and white-water rafting, canyoning, rappelling, ziplining, fishing and boat tours, and so many more. All these activities are run by reputable companies that regularly employ new crew.

If you’re an outdoorsy adventure seeker, we bet you’ve tried some or all of the above. So, do you want a cool surfer job in Tamarindo? Network with local tour agencies and find out what their employment requirements are. Newsflash: most tour agencies train guides on the spot, so you don’t always need extensive experience. You just need to have great passion and a willingness to try something new.

Think outside the box, and you’ll find that the best jobs for surfers don’t always have to involve surfing!

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5) Work in a beach resort/hostel/surf camp

Working in a seaside resort or hotel within mere steps from the ocean is a dream for surfers. Whether you work at the front desk, in one of the restaurants or as a gardener, you’ll likely have plenty of opportunities to surf before or after your shift. 

Some upmarket beach resorts offer employment packages that include subsidized accommodation, making your life a whole lot more affordable. Alternatively, you can find shared accommodation with fellow surfing addicts. When it comes to tourism and hospitality, the options are nearly endless!

At our Iguana Surf Camp, for example, we offer individual lessons (private, semi-private and small-group) for surfers of all skill levels. Lessons last 90 minutes are given by bilingual instructors.

We also offer multi-day surf camps with more intensive focus on improving skill. Camps include a surfing trip out to a nearby beach as well as discounts on our other tours.

It takes a lot of dedicated and professional staff to run our seamless camps and lessons – and you could be working in one of a multitude of roles.

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6) Work in a bar/restaurant

Sure, this one sounds like a no-brainer and a bit cliché. But yes, there are good reasons why every surfer you’ve met probably has a side gig in a local bar or restaurant. Shift work is fantastic for flexibility! Work evening shifts and have mornings free, or, if you prefer, work the breakfast shift and keep your afternoons free. 

The Tamarindo surf scene is made even more popular thanks to our town’s amazing café, bar and restaurant scene.  Check our some of our favorite Tamarindo eateries loved by surfers.

7) Become a digital nomad

The astronomical rise in popularity of remote work has done wonders for humanity. No longer stuck in a stuffy office for 8 hours a day, digital nomads can easily set their own working hours and inject plenty of fun and sports (like surfing!) into their daily routine.

Digital nomading is tailor-made for surfers. Base yourself anywhere in the world on an awesome surfing beach town like Tamarindo, dictate your own work hours, and catch waves every day. 

There is almost no limit to the work you can do online nowadays. If you are already qualified in a field, finding work in something you’re already familiar with would make sense. If not, you can learn more about the Highest Demand Remote Jobs of 2024.

Are you loving the sound of that? Then find out more about applying for Costa Rica’s digital nomad visa and enjoy the best of Tamarindo Costa Rica surf every single day.

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If you’re passionate about surfing and wish to indulge in your favorite sport daily, there’s no shortage of job options. The key is to get creative, cast a wide net, and think way outside the box. Of course, Tamarindo’s best surfers’ jobs are at Iguana Surf Camp! But whether you choose to teach, guide, create, or simply enjoy the waves, you can find a job that allows you to live your dream lifestyle both in and out of the water.

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