Family-Friendly Surfing in Tamarindo

Family-Friendly Surfing in Tamarindo

Costa Rica is renowned as one of the world’s best travel destinations for families, and everything that makes this country so enticing for adults and children alike naturally extends to surfing. With an endless necklace of stunning beaches, warm waters year-round, and an array of surf breaks, taking a family surf trip in Costa Rica is like taking a honeymoon in Paris: simply perfect!

Tamarindo is the country’s #1 surfing destination – not only is it home to world-class breaks but also a bevy of calm nooks where learning the art of the surf is easy. Yes, for children, too! Whether your family is a tribe of surfing pros or eager to learn this new skill together, you’ll find the best family-friendly surf camps for your family surf holidays on our startling tropical shores.

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But why Tamarindo, specifically?

Tamarindo is ideal for family surf holidays because there’s a ton of kid-friendly stuff to see and do besides surfing. Yep, we would all love to LIVE in the surf. Still, most visitors to Costa Rica also want to enjoy other outdoor activities like zip-lining, AWD-exploring, snorkeling, horseback riding, educational wildlife excursions, and so much more. There’s an activity here for every family to enjoy together, and given the local culture is so family-focused, everything is tailor-made for everyone to enjoy.

Next comes ease of accessibility – Tamarindo is a short drive from the Liberia Airport, so you don’t need to travel far to reach paradise. That’s a huge plus for parents who fear their kids won’t deal well with long transfers. Moreover, the town is laid-back, friendly, safe, and entertaining. Great restaurants, cafes, and bars are abundant, and various accommodations suit all sorts of budgets and family sizes. 

This is perhaps the most developed side of Costa Rica, which also gives families peace of mind.

So, about that surfing jaunt!

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Iguana Surf Camp – The best choice for family surf vacations in Costa Rica

Established in 1989, Iguana Surf Camp leads the pack with its commitment to safety, quality instruction, and personalized attention. You can choose from private lessons, group sessions, and multi-day surf camps, all led by certified instructors who prioritize safety and skill development. With a focus on environmental stewardship, Iguana Surf Camp goes beyond surfing to promote conservation efforts along Tamarindo’s coastline.

Just two months ago, Costa Rica Travel Life voted Iguana Surf the #1 for surf lessons in Tamarindo.

And we are super proud of our achievement!

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Here’s a little about what sets us apart from the pack!

What to look for on a family surf trip in Costa Rica – what makes Iguana Surf the BEST!

Safety First

At Iguana Surf Camp, safety is paramount. Our team of certified instructors prioritizes safety protocols, ensuring that every surfer, young or old, feels secure and totally at home in the water. With small student-to-instructor ratios, each guest receives individualized guidance, enhancing the overall learning experience. 

We simply find that people of all ages, and especially children, tend to bust out of their comfort zones and try new things when they feel safe and in good hands!


Expert Instruction

Not only are our instructors seasoned surfers, but they are also skilled educators. This, we find, is absolutely crucial – because we all know you can be GREAT at something, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be great at teaching it to others, right? Our surf instructors deeply understand wave dynamics, ocean currents, and proper surfing techniques and know how to efficiently convey all the essential info to their students. 

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With the expert guidance of our instructors, your kids will pick up new skills and you’ll see their confidence in the water soar!


Family-Friendly Atmosphere

We believe that what truly distinguishes Iguana Surf Camp is its welcoming atmosphere, which is perfect for families seeking a memorable surf experience. From toddlers to grandparents, we accommodate surfers of all ages at Iguana, ensuring everyone feels included and supported. Parents can participate alongside their children or relax on the beach while their kids catch waves under the watchful eye of the instructors. Whatever your family needs, we deliver!

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Variety of Programs

Not all families are created equal – we get that. That’s why Iguana Surf Camp offers a colorful array of programs tailored to suit specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re interested in private lessons, group sessions, or multi-day surf camps, we offer flexible options to accommodate your schedule and budget. 

Moreover, we offer an interesting mix of tours so you can explore and discover more of our sensational corner of Costa Rica.

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Commitment to Sustainability

At Iguana Surf, we feel part of the nature here along Costa Rica’s most enticing stretch of coast. Not only do we strive to offer the best family surf experiences but we are also dedicated to preserving the pristine coastline and marine ecosystems we call home. We actively participate in beach clean-up initiatives, promote eco-friendly practices, and educate our students on environmental protection. 

By choosing Iguana for your next family surf holiday in Costa Rica, you’ll contribute to the conservation efforts safeguarding Tamarindo’s natural beauty for generations to come. So not just your children – but also your children’s children – can visit us and surf the waves in paradise.

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Accommodation that’s tailor-made for family vacations 

At Iguana Surf, we offer an array of private accommodations for our surfing guests, including a spacious suite that’s perfect for a family – or extended family – on vacation. 

Our Deluxe Family & Friends Suite sleeps up to 10 people comfortably and comprises a large living room and two full bathrooms on the ground floor, with a six-bed loft on the first floor and a large master bedroom. Our suite is designed specifically for families who love to feel ‘at home’ even when traveling abroad.

And, of course, as you’ll be part of the Iguana Surf Beach Hotel, you’ll be just steps away from the sandy shores of Tamarindo. 

Ready to plan your dream Costa Rica family surfing vacation?

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