The Holidays Are Back at Tamarindo Beach!

The Holidays Are Back at Tamarindo Beach!

Happy December from Iguana Surf! The holiday season is upon us, and all is indeed very merry and bright here at Tamarindo Beach. The sun is shining, the waves are pumping, and life is starting to feel more normal again. It has been amazing to see the town come back to life, and we are so happy that this is just in time to properly celebrate the holidays – at the beach of course! What better way to wrap a crazy year than take the trip of a lifetime with your family or friends and soak up the sun. Here in Tamarindo, we are all breathing a big sigh of relief, and want to help you take advantage of the safe, incredible atmosphere Costa Rica has maintained, even with so many ups and downs this year. 

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Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane. As Tamarindo’s first surf shop, (yes – it’s true, we have been here for 30 years and counting!) Iguana Surf has seen its fair share of hardships. It was hard enough to get off the ground to get up and running in a town as small as Tamarindo.

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But over the years, as Iguana Surf gained dedicated staff and customers alike, people just kept coming back to us for the best surf and vacation services in Tamarindo! The growth was slow and steady, and then… there was a huge fire about ten years ago that changed the face of Tamarindo. As you can imagine, coming back from that was difficult. It was just another set of challenges for the town to face, without the best resources to make the bounce back happen quickly. Not long after that, we all felt the effects of the global crash in 2008. There is probably not a single one of us that can say we came out of that one unscathed… And so again, we persevered and rebuilt. Things were going up and up for Iguana Surf, and it was smooth sailing for a while! Add then of course 2020 came out of nowhere and hit us all where it hurts, threatening not only our livelihoods, but also our health, safety, and loved ones. Through all of this, we have felt so lucky to be in a place like Costa Rica – a place that has taken the pandemic seriously so that we can not only save lives, but also re-open safely and effectively. It wasn’t easy when tourism was shut down and flights were cancelled. Tamarindo was quieter than it has been in a long time. But now, after a careful and comprehensive plan put forth by the government on how to tackle the pandemic, Tamarindo is back and better than ever and we cannot wait to welcome you back to paradise!

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We definitely would not have made it through this without our incredible staff. Our staff members are our family, and we want to welcome you to the family as well! It has been incredible to watch how we have all been able to support each other through one of the toughest times in all of our lives and come out stronger than ever. That being said, it isn’t quite over yet – we recognize that careful steps need to be taken moving forward. 

Which is why we have a comprehensive COVID plan in place, in addition to all rules and regulations we are following set out for the country as a whole. We have created our Covid Conscious Mission – here at Iguana Surf Vacations our covid conscious mission is a positive approach that promotes responsible behavior in order to keep society open during the pandemic by promoting social, physical and economic wellness! Of course, we are covering all the basics of social distancing, providing hand sanitation, limiting capacity, etc. 

But in addition, we are now offering some amazing specials and discounted pricing! We have semi-private lessons and surf camps for the price of our previous group rates! Which if you have seen our pricing before, is an incredible deal. It is more than a 30% discount! This holiday season, you can save money, soak up some Vitamin D, and stay Covid Conscious by surfing with your social bubble! 

As we bounce back once again from another rough patch in Iguana Surf history, we are incredibly grateful for your support and company here in Tamarindo! Tamarindo Beach is one of the most beautiful places on Earth (we might be biased, but I still think it is true), and we would be honored to have you and your family here to join ours for the holidays. 

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While there are still rules in place in Tamarindo to keep everyone safe and keep all of our businesses open, things are definitely looking up. Our staff has never seen a November as busy as it was this year. There is a beautiful mix of like minded tourists and locals, all searching for some kind of normalcy and freedom amidst all of the chaos. With new lockdowns being put in place in many cities around Europe and the United States, everyone is finding that peace of mind here in Tamarindo! You can find plenty of folks enjoying the beach and soaking up the incredible sunsets – it truly is the best place to be in a stressful time like this. 

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Looking forward, we cannot wait for what 2021 has in store. We hope that as things continue to normalize, we will be back in full swing if not even more busy than ever before! Now is the time to experience one of our world-class surf camps right here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. One of the top reasons people come (and then stay!) in Costa Rica is of course, the amazing surfing. Here in Tamarindo the beach right in town features some of the best waves in the country, all year round. Beginners and experts alike have a blast on the various breaks from Pico to the river-mouth. There are great options for surf lessons if you are just starting out on your surfing journey, or great boards to rent and head out on your own if you already know what you’re doing! You are sure to meet new friends in the water and come back to shore tired and happy. Our surf camps are the best way to learn how to surf, or grow your skills if you have the basics down. Whether you are flying solo or bringing all your friends, it is an amazing way to get in the water, meet other people from around the world, and get a comprehensive package with everything planned for you. Everything from your transportation from the airport to your breakfasts are taken care of, so you can focus on the waves! Our Tamarindo surf camp is one of a kind, and our awesome instructors always make it an experience to remember. Whether you would like to surf for a couple days or a couple of weeks, we can work with you to make it happen!

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If you have been thinking about trying surfing or wanting to visit Costa Rica, or even if the thought has never even crossed your mind, this is your sign that it is time to make that dream a reality! Not only is Costa Rica one of the safest places to be right now, but it also has perfect weather and gorgeous views. What more could you ask for to wrap up this year? It also helps that Tamarindo is affordable – here is a list of 7 free things to do in town too! It has always been cheaper than the states, but many businesses around town are offering special deals to encourage visitors and help them get back on their feet! It is good for you as a visitor, and good for them as owners of small businesses. You can also check out our blog about what to expect from Costa Rica surf towns to make sure this is the fit for you!We promise that each and every one of us is grateful for the support of our little surf town! There is truly no better time to take a break from the crazy and enjoy the paradise that is Tamarindo. With the proper safety measures in place, there is no reason why you can’t come have the trip of a lifetime. 

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Still thinking about it? Check out our surf cam for live updates!

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