Top Tamarindo Tours to Experience During your Surf Camp

Top Tamarindo Tours to Experience During your Surf Camp

By Jennifer LaCharite

When you think about Costa Rica, you think about long beaches dotted with sunbathers and surfers, jungles with monkeys swinging from the trees, sunny skies, and friendly people. We know you’re coming to stay at Iguana Surf Camp because you want to learn how to surf or improve your skills, but we also know there’s more to life than surfing (right, guys?). Sure you want to surf, but there are so many things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica. You don’t want to miss out on adventure, relaxation, cultural experiences, and immersion in the natural beauty of Costa Rica

Here are Some of Our Favorite Tamarindo Tours:

Here at Iguana Surf Camp, we are at the beach, so you have to expect that most of our favorite Tamarindo tours revolve around water

Water Inspired Tours

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Snorkeling and scuba diving: Our half-day diving trips take you to Las Catalinas Islands, where volcanic rock formations that reach from the seabed to the surface house a large variety of marine life. During your underwater tour, you will be searching for manta rays and white tip reef sharks, and catch glimpses of angelfish and butterflyfish, while schools of jacks surround you in a silvery fish tornado. Trust us, you will be impressed with the abundance of underwater sights! Non-certified divers will start their day by having an introduction in the pool to learn the basics before going into the ocean.

Sportfishing: There is nothing like a day out on the water dropping lines and drinking cold beers. And as relaxing as that sounds, if a marlin catches your line it will go from relaxing to thrilling really fast! Pull in a yellowfin tuna for the freshest sashimi you’ve ever tasted – right on the boat, or brightly colored mahi-mahi for dinner on the shore. Maybe you’ll get a spiky-finned roosterfish or a long, skinny wahoo. There are many possibilities year-round. Our 28-foot panga can also be rented to take you to infamous surf spots Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point, which are only accessible by boat. If you’ve seen “Endless Summer II” you are already familiar with these epic surf spots, which are only for the most experienced surfers.

Sunset cruise: From exhilarating sport fishing to a relaxing catamaran sunset cruise. Glide along Costa Rica’s Gold Coast with a tropical drink in hand. You’ll be served at the open bar by the friendly crew while taking in the sights and watching for leaping dolphins and manta rays. Then drop anchor for a deserted white sand beach where you can go snorkeling or play in the waves. There, you will get treated to a buffet-style lunch before heading back out to sea for the spectacular sunset.

While many of our water-inspired tours center around viewing the wildlife of Costa Rica, our nature-inspired tours truly focus on the environment and natural species of this bio-diverse country.

Nature Inspired Tours

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Tamarindo Estuary: There are plenty of things to see at the surface of the water, too! Picture yourself gliding slowly along the waterway, taking in all of the tropical sights. During the Tamarindo Estuary Tour, you will encounter monkeys, hundreds of species of birds, iguanas, and even the American crocodile! The 1,500 acres Tamarindo Estuary is absolutely teeming with wildlife and is truly one of the best things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica. You’ll take it all in while learning about the unique ecosystem of the mangrove forest.

Turtle Watching: If you’re visiting from October to March, you could have the chance to witness a rare and wonderful experience. The arribada is when large numbers of sea turtles, sometimes hundreds at once, come to shore to nest and lay their eggs. These tours take place mostly at night and early morning hours. Guides will take you to Playa Minas, one of the most important nesting sites in Costa Rica, with infrared lights in hand. Bring your camera. This is considered by many to be one of the most special, ancient, and beautiful natural events to witness.

turtle tour

If you like to surf or want to learn how to surf, chances are you’re a bit of an adrenaline junky! We have a few tours that should pique your heart-thumping interest and, of course, we’ve saved the best for last.

Adrenalin Inspired Tours

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Zipline: Soar through the canopy of the tropical dry forest where howler monkeys, iguanas, and parrots live. You and your group will start at the top of the mountain where you can see 360-degree views of the ocean and surrounding forest, then you’ll zigzag from huge ancient tree to tree on ten lines, the longest of which is an incredible 1,100 feet! You can make a full day of it and learn more about Costa Rican culture by staying for a barbecue dinner. Add an ATV ride to the top of the mountain for a full-day adventure experience!

ATV: If you’re still adventurous but you want to skip the zipline and focus on the beaches and mountains of the area then our ATV tour is right for you. In fact, Tripadvisor added this area ATV tour to its list of top 25 experiences in the world for 2021, making it one of the best things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica! This adventure will take riders through local villages, across rivers, mountains, and crossing isolated paths to different beaches. The ATV adventure is a must-do in Tamarindo tours!

Adventure Combo: Last, but definitely not least, is our popular adventure combo. This tour takes you to Tamarindo’s closest active volcano – Rincon de la Viejo. In fact, Rincon last erupted in July of this year! Don’t worry, experts are watching it and say the volcano doesn’t pose a great threat unless you’re at the summit should it erupt, which you won’t be during this tour. But if the threat of a burping volcano doesn’t get your blood pumping enough this tour certainly will! This combo features Ziplining, rock climbing, rappelling, and white water rafting for the true adrenaline junky. The exciting day caps off with a mineral-rich mud bath and dip in the natural volcanic hot springs. This is a fun and unique experience that truly captures the essence of natural Costa Rica!

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Iguana Surf offers more Tamarindo Tours but these are just some of our favorite and most popular tours with our guests. Remember, if you book a tour with us you’ll get 15% off our surf lessons and 15% off our board rentals. You will also get picked up right at the Surf Camp to head out on the tour of your choice. It’s a win-win situation! But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our Tamarindo Tours for yourself and figure out which is right for you, whether you are drawn to water, nature, or adrenaline-fueled fun, we know you’ll find the Costa Rican adventure that is right

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